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I have a dilema. I'm 17 and I want to move out. I won't lie. I don't have financial burdens, but I do have a limit on freedom. I am not on drugs. I don't even smoke cigarettes. I'm not having sex, but I just want out. I make a substantial amount of money for my age...I have a friend that has invited me to stay with her as long as she wont get in trouble. She doesn't do drugs or alcohol and is the main provider for her two young nephews. She is more of a mother to them than their own. I would be still going to school and getting my education and still going to college. I just want to go now because my parents don't let me do anything and my dad is a dictator. I'm a free-spirited independent girl, and I will end up hurting him before I let him run me. He just came home from Iraq permanently so I have got to go! I don't want to go through the whole emancipation process. By the time I get emancipated I will already be legal. Any suggestions? BTW: I have no criminal history and my grades are substantially good. He would still put me in Juvenile...any prevention tips I could use?

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Q: About how long does it take for the whole emancipation process?
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