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Since 2010, there are around 3000. This including, California sea otters, Alaskan sea otters and Russian sea otters.

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Q: About how many sea otters are left?
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How many marine otters are left?

There are three types of the marine otters the Alaskan, the Russian and the California sea otters. There are about 3000 California sea otters and around 150000 Alaskan and Russian sea otters.

How many otters are left?

There is about 500 to 1000 river otters left.

How many sea otters are in the wild?

As of June 2014, there are between 16,000 and 20,000 sea otters left in the wild. They commonly reside on the coast of California and other states in the northwest.

Do sea otters eat sea otters?


How many types of sea otters are there?

There are 13 different otter species and two varieties of sea otters.

What is the habitat of sea otters?

a sea otters habitat is the sea

What is the sea otters habitat?

a sea otters habitat is the sea

Sea otters reproductive?

yes, sea otters have young sea otters called pups

How many sea otters are in one pack?

their are 50 otters in one pack

Do sea otters live in kelp forests?

Sea otters do not eat kelp but they do live in the kelp forests. They use the deep cover as protection from predators. Sea otters eat the red sea urchin that will destroy a kelp forest if left unchecked.

Are sea otters mammals?

All otters are mammals, including sea otters.

When were sea otters invented?

Sea otters were not invented.

How many baby's do sea otters have at one time?

Sea otters usually have a baby but at times it can also have twins

Do sea otters communicate?

Yes, sea otters communicate in many ways, such as making noises, rubbing noses, etc. Mother sea otters have special calls to their babies that are specific to each otter.

How many otters die a year from pollution?

oil pollution effects on sea otters

What sea otters eat?

Can sea otters eat humans? no

How do sea otters compare to sea otters?

they're the same

Where do California sea otters rest?

where do sea otters rest

What is the difference between seals and sea otters?

sea otters have fur and otters don't

How many Long-tailed otters are left?

There are approximately 5 long tailed otters left in the world. There are a lot

How many otters are left in the world?

About 3000.

Do sea otters live in the sea?

yes they do live in the sea that's why they are called sea otters.

Are sea otters secondary or primary consumers?

Sea otters are secondary consumers. This because sea urchins are primary and sea otters eat sea urchins.

How many babies do sea otters have at once?


Where do sea otters live in the sea?

sea otters live on the coast or near islands