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About how many soldiers did Clara Barton save?


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about 30,000 during the civil war.

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Clara Barton saved over two million lives

Clara Barton was 11 years old when she saved her brother, David's life.

She was a nurse who gave aid to soldiers on the battle field in the Civil War. She save so many lives so they gave her the name Angel of the battle field. Clara was one of the first women allowed to help save life in the war

Yes Dorothea did have friends like Clara Barton and Ab Lincoln( but not indirectly). Most of the time she was busy with patients but did work with Clara Barton and save Lincoln's live a couple of times so ya she did have friends. Also the cake is a lie.

If this happened- say some major Civil War general = surely it would have been given first-cabin publicity. my guess it did not.

, my name is Clara Barton I was born on December 25, 1821 in Oxford, Mass. I am the organizer and founder of the American Red Cross. I had been educated at home. I began teaching school at the age of fifteen in various elementary schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey between the years 1836 and 1854. I cared for my brother David for two years; that was my only Medical experience. At the outbreak of the Civil War, I lived in Washington, D.C., and I worked at the U.S. Patent Office. Following the Baltimore Riots, upon the sixth Massachusetts Regiment arriving in Washington, it was I who organized a relief program for the soldiers, starting my lifelong career as a nurse and humanitarian. I am a strong and independent woman; and one morning I had to face a difficult decision I helped save a 'negro' from Slavery, I hid him in my woodshed and I had helped him into freedom. I stopped being a teacher; a man took over our school so I decided that I would be head nurse in the Civil War. I left for Europe a little while after and I began to learn about the Red Cross. I disliked the way Soldiers were treated. I became President of the Red Cross until 1904.The Red Cross in its nature, it aims and purposes, and consequently, its methods, are unlike any other organization in the country. It is an organization of physical action, of instantaneous action, at the spur of the moment; it cannot await the ordinary deliberation of organized bodies if it would be of use to suffering humanity, ... [ellipsis in original] it has by its nature a field of its own. - Clara BartonClara Barton died on April 12, 1912. We all miss Clara very much. We all remember how she founded the Red Cross and how she helped wounded soldiers. She saved many lives. Today the Red Cross is still alive and helping people in hard situations. I am glad Clara Barton lived in our world

Clara throws her shoe at the mouse king, to distract him, in order to save the nutcracker.

The promise that no one is ever left behind.

Soldiers gave their lives to save others because they were brave.

they get help and are sent to medics to save them

Hessian soldiers were paid to fight while the patriots fought to save their homes.

The Free Corps was a German led army. Many of the people that staffed this army were ex-soldiers who were being held in POW camps. It is believed that the reason these ex-soldiers joined the Free Corps was an act of trying to save their own lives.

If he does die, it is because he has fallen into the pit. If he doesn't die, it is because french soldiers arrive just in time to save him. The story ends with the arrival of the soldiers, but doesn't tell if they were able to save him from his fall into the pit.

God Save the King (officially) although there were a number of unofficial songs - God save Ireland etc

to remember all the soldiers that have given their lives to safe their country.(soldiers that have died to save their country/0. hope this will answer your question.:)

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wipe its butt didn't you now that by jye barton ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Because she rode Star and banged on soldiers doors to save Danbury.

because people went there to save them and they got saved

a soldier that helped and tried to save the wounded soldiers. Also with the help of his Donkey. we should all respect that Kayn. a soldier that helped and tried to save the wounded soldiers. Also with the help of his Donkey. we should all respect that Kayn.

They didn't for the most part. soldiers in trenches especially. It was more important to save yourself than to stay clean.

I do not know about this kind of soilders but what soilders fight for is to save our country and state and for fredome

stands for the remembrence of the soldiers that tried to save the country or province but they died :*(. your welcome

because the soldiers help us save our planet and we remember them in the 2minute silence.

save lives, saves hospital beds for soldiers instead of civilians, stop the public panicing,

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