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The wright brothers were the first people to take flight.First people to make a working airplane. Before they made a plane they worked as bike makers at the wright cycle bike company. While they made bikes and sold them they also at the same time gained skills on how to make planes. If you looked at the wright brothers plane you would see that it has bike part. They got many awards for there work and to me are very important inventors.

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Were the Wright brothers brothers?

Yes, Wilbur and Orville Wright were brothers. That is why they are called "the Wright brothers."

What were the Wright brothers names?

The Wright Brothers are Wilbur and Orville Wright.

What were the first names of the Wright brothers?

The Wright brothers were Orville and Wilbur Wright.

What did the Wright brothers name their plane?

The Wright Brothers named it Wright Flyer.

Where are the the wright brothers now?

The Wright brothers are both dead.

What is the Wright brothers invention?

the Wright Brothers invention was the airplane

Where was the Wright Brothers buried?

The Wright Brothers where buried in California

What was the motivation of the Wright Brothers?

what kind of awards did wright brothers get?

Is David Wright from the NY Mets related to the Wright Brothers?

no david wright is not related in any way to the wright brothers

Why did the wright brothers create flight?

The Wright brothers did not create flight.

How many wright brothers are there?

There are 2 Wright Brothers, Orville, and Wilbur.

Did the wright brothers go to war?

where the wright brothers in war 1,2,3

What are the names of the 'Wright Brothers'?

the Wright Brothers are Orville and Wilbur.

What were the wright brothers setbacks or disappointments?

What was one of the wright brothers disappointments

What are the names of the schools the wright brothers attended?

Wright brothers academy

What are the Wright brothers are named?

The Wright Brothers names are Wilbur & Orville.

How the Wright Brothers flew their planes?

how did the wright brothers flew their planes

Was the Wright Brothers robber barrons?

No, the Wright brothers were business men

How did the two wright brothers meet?

They were in the same family. Wright 'BROTHERS'!

What was the name of the first airplane the Wright brothers made?

The first 'airplane' the Wright brothers made was their 1901 glider.

Why was rhe wright brothers important to researshn?

The wright brothers was important to research because we would not have air plane if whaten for the wright brothers

The wright brothers invented the airplane in what year?

The Wright Brothers Invented it in 1901

What was the wright brothers occupation?

One of the wright brothers own a bicycle shop.

Who designed the plane for the wright brothers?

The Wright Brothers designed the plane themselves.

Who was the mother of the Wright brothers?

Susan Catherine Koerner was the mother of the Wright Brothers.

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