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not really Given that The Bible tells us that people have a common ancestry in Adam and Eve then yes we are all ultimately related. That is part of the reason there are actually very few genetic differences between the races as we share a common gene pool - so there are no excuses for racism. If you did not limit your question to "according to the Bible", I can give you a more realistic answer.

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What color is Abraham in the bible?

Everyone in the bible is white because when the bible was written it was written by white people who didn't know that other races existed.

Are you allowed to judge other according to the Bible?

The bible says you are not appointed to judge anyone.

Did Paul in the Bible have a wife?

The Bible does not say one way or the other - see related link below:

Who is annabeth chase related to?

Her godly mother is Athena but she is related to everyone in the Athena cabin no other halfbloods

What did Malone argue in terms of the Bible?

he said that the bible told tails of Adam and eve and lot's of other things like David and Goliath. it said absolutely nothing about evolution, so everyone hated it. he argued that the bible was right and everyone else was wrong.

How are animals related to other animals?

everyone and everything has a little bit of everything in them.

How is a populations size related to its well being?

Population size is related to its well being in that if it is overpopulated there may not be enough food, jobs or other resources for everyone and everyone will not be well.

Does the Bible say 'hear the spirit '?

The Bible never actually says this phrase. You can go to and search for other related phrases.

What is a Reference Bible?

It is a Bible with the addition of references to other verses related to the particular verse or passage that you are reading. These are usually in the margin adjoining. They may also contain explanatory notes, maps, and other information but the main feature is the inclusion of inter-related verses.

Does the bible say if Cain married his sister?

Yes Cain did marry his sister according to the bible, Adam had other sons and daughters.

Who was the first woman born in the Bible?

eve No eve was created and not born, Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters according to the bible.

The Bible is fake?

Not according to the Bahá'í Faith. Bahá'ís consider the Bible (as well as books from several other religions) to be Holy Scripture.

What do Christianity worship?

A true christian will follow the rules that God has set down for his children. We are his children and everyone is a brother or sister to each other - it does not matter what race, sex, or age a person is. In order to follow what rules God has set for his children they must read the bible and live as God would have them live - according to the bible.

Is there a website where someone will read a question and you answer it for Bible quizzing?

Yes, for Nazarene Bible Quizzing there is the site at related links where you can answer questions to practice. But, it does cost a small price to use it and other features.

Bible quiz for 1 and 2 Corinthians?

Bible quiz questions for 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians and many other New Testament books can be found in related links below.

Is Michelle Rodriguez related to Adam Rodriguez?

According to and a few other sources Michelle Rodriguez is not related to Adam Rodriguez.

Did Adam have any other wife besides Eve?

No, Adam didn't have any wife other than Eve according to the Bible. But yes, he may have had another wife according to other sources. For example, Adam previously was married to Lilith according to Hebrew folklore.

Who were Sarah's brothers in the Bible?

According to tradition, Lot and Sarah were brother and sister. No other brother of Sarah is mentioned.

Do you have to believe in Christianity to use the Bible?

No, many atheists I know read the Bible more for philosophy. Some read it just for the stories. You don't have to be a christian to read the Bible. The Bible is used by other religions as well. The old testament is straight from Judaism, and mormons use a slightly different version of the Bible in their churches. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Bible contains good lessons for everyone.

How did they write The Bible?

God talked to deciples and other people like moses, etc and told them to write it down Look at the related links below there is a link to a talk by John McArthur about how the bible was written.

Where can you get a top quality bible concordance?

Go to a Christian book shop or if you want a Bible program for your computer go to related links below for a good program which has concordance and all kinds of other helps.

Everyone is guaranteed the right of equal opportunity and the responsibility related to this right would be?

Not to discriminate against other human beings. [Novanet]

Is time in the bible mean season?

No. Time in the Bible may mean any passage of time from generations to a few days; as it means today, according to the context or the other associated words.

How many times is the word gather found in the bible?

According to the Bible Gateway, the word gather occurs exactly 113 times in the New International Version of the Bible; not including derivatives like "gathered". Of course, there is also the King James Bible and several other editions.

How can The Bible be used in troublesome times?

The bible can change a persons life...from bad to good. The bible can help people realize who they really are and is good to read if you have a lot of extra time. The bible is a very inspirational book and is recommended to all religious or not. Everyone should know at least parts of the bible. And if someone is having a tough time, look in the bible because many other people whose stories are in the bible may have a similar experience to you.