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According to the US Constitution what people in the US are legally allowed to vote?

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According to United States you must me be 18 years or older to vote, but if you are a convicted feelen you are not allowed to vote.Every voter must be regestered to vote.

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Am I legally allowed to prohibit handicap people from renting my apartments?

No, you are not legally allowed to prohibit people from renting apartments. You can get in major legal trouble.

What amendment allowed people to consume liquor legally?

19th Ameendment

Are police of a small town legally allowed to enforce a curfew on people under the age of 18 or does the bill of rights stop it?

Curfew is not covered by the US constitution. The Bill of Rights will not prevent a legally created curfew from being enforced. Yes, curfews can be enforced.

Why are native Inuit people allowed to hunt narwhals legally?

because resources

What year were gay people allowed to serve in the military?

Gay people have been legally allowed to serve openly in the military since September 21, 2011.

Why are the narwhales not endangered?

The Inuit people are legally allowed to hunt the narwhals to sustain themselves.

People can do what peacefully according to the constitution?


According to the preamble who formed the constitution?

the people

Who were the only people allowed to vote in Texas after the constitution on 1845?

1 person

Can political pollsters legally call cell phones?

No they aren't allowed although the people who support their party can!-Savior15 No they aren't allowed although the people who support their party can!-Savior15

According to the constitution who has the power?

The power belongs to the people.

Who was the constitution established for?

The constitution was established for the Federal Government. It really has nothing to do with the people, and everything to do with what the Federal Government is allowed to do, and how it is set up.

Is tax exemption allowed for churches under the constitution?

YES! Common since people...

Are you legally allowed to burn leaves in your yard?

no. you have to get a legal warrent letting people know your burning leaves>

According to the preamble where is the source of authority for the new constitution?

the people

According to the Constitution where is the decision made about which people can vote?

the states

Where does all government originate according to the Georgia constitution?

The people

What is the source of authority for the new Constitution according to the preamble?

"We the people"

Who is legally allowed to access your medical records?

I know your legal garduans can, but I dont know if that is it, or there are more people that can acsess that

Store Won't Accept My Coupon?

They technically are not allowed to do that. If it is a valid coupon, then they are legally not able to not accept it from certain people.

Who were the only people allowed to vote when the Constitution was first approved?

Adult white men with property

What law was passed in Maryland that allowed people to worship freely?

It's a part of the u.s constitution

Who gives the government the authority to rule?

According to the US Constitution, it is "We, the People".

According to the declaration of independane and the US Constitution where does the government get its power?

the people

Was the president elected by the people according to the 1787 constitution?

George Washington was the president elected by the people according to the 1787 Constitution. He took the oath of office on the balcony of Federal Hall in New York City.