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False. It is very possible to nest HTML list elements. Actually, The W3C actually recommends you nest HTML list elements for many reasons - to include a larger range of browser support, larger range of operating system support, and such.

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What is a nested tag in HTML?

In HTML, all elements (which are delineated by tags) are either contiguous or nested; they cannot overlap. A nested element is one that is contained inside another element, just as the HEAD and BODY elements are nested inside the HTML element.

Does HTML allow nested links?


What is the difference between HTML and xHTML?

There are 4 main differences between HTML and XHTML.In XHTML, all elements must be lowercase. In HTML, it's perfectly legal to use caps in your tags, but in XHTML all tags, elements, and attributes MUST be lowercase.All elements must have a closing tag in XHTML. If you have an empty element that doesn't have a closing tag in HTML (such as or ), you close it in XHTML by adding a forward slash to the end (like or ).All XHTML elements must be properly nested. In HTML, you can get away with this: This is some textYou can't do this in XHTML, as tags must be closed in the inverse order they were opened. In order to be valid XHTML, the above example would have to be:This is some textThe document must be properly nested. In other words, the page should start with the opening HTML tag and end within the closing HTML tag. The head information should be between the opening and closing HEAD tags, and the page content needs to be properly nested within the BODY tag.

What are the different elements of HTML?

HTML has included a number of elements into it. Head, Body, HTML are some of the elements defined inside it.

What are the elements of an HTML document?

The elements of an HTML document are:HEADTITLEBODY

What are some tips for writing XHTML?

XHTML stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language XHTML will gradually replace HTML. XHTML is a stricter and cleaner version of HTML. XML was designed to describe data and HTML was designed to display data. XHTML combines data design and description. * XHTML elements must be properly nested * XHTML elements must always be closed * XHTML elements must be in lowercase * XHTML documents must have one root element

What are the main elements of an HTML documents?

the word 'html'!

What are the important elements of an HTML Document?

The important elements of an HTML document are:HeadTitleBody

Differentiate HTML tag from an HTML documents?

HTML tags are used to delimit HTML elements inside an HTML document.

What is an example of a HTML element?

There are various elements in an HTML page. These elements could be the different tags placed.

What is used for white space in HTML?

In HTML, whitespace beyond the first space has no meaning. This means that whitespace inside of an HTML document can be used to hint at the structure of the document. For instance, it is best practice to indent nested elements at each level. See the related link for a thorough explanation of how whitespace is used to convey meaning to HTML coders. (Note: no example is provided here because of limitations in the Answers system.)

In HTML how many types of lists are there?

Two. <ol>,<ul>or ordered (the list with numbers) unordered and nested list

How does HTML code produce forms in a browser?

HTML has predefined functions. The <form> elements binds all the elements within it.

What are webpage elements?

The HTML elements are the parts of a web page.With a text editor or the "view source" on a web browser, you can see that a web page is composed of a series of HTML elements.For example, perhaps the most common XHTML element is the p element.Here is an example p element as it looks in a text editor:Hello, world.The "" tag is the "begin paragraph" tag -- the "p" tells us this is a p element.The "Hello, world." in this paragraph is the content of this p element.The "" tag is the "end of paragraph" tag.Some elements also contain "attributes" (inside the tag).Unlike chemical elements, one HTML element can contain several nested elements.(Should I give an example here? Or just refer to some other wikiquestion?)For a complete list of HTML elements, see the "related links".

What is a simple code that provides details about HTML elements?

An HTML element is everything from the start tag to the end tag.An HTML element starts with a start tag / opening tagAn HTML element ends with an end tag / closing tagThe element content is everything between the start and the end tagSome HTML elements have empty contentEmpty elements are closed in the start tagMost HTML elements can have attributesSample CodeHello World

What is Nested Links?

A nested link is where one link is inside of another link. For example: I asked THIS question.The link for the word "THIS" is nested within the outer link. Nested links are not allowed by the W3C standards for HTML. Most browsers will either ignore the inner link or move it out of the outer link. However, nested links are allowed and sometimes encouraged in some programing languages.

What does HTML consist many types of?

HTML consists of many types of elements.

What is the main deficiency of HTML?

The main deficiency of HTML is it's lack if functionality elements. You cannot define conditioning in HTML.

What is the HTML tag used to start the code for a webpage?

All HTML documents must start with the opening tag of the HTML elements itself. Namely: <html>

What are the basic elements of HTML document?

HTML head title /title meta style /style /head body /body /HTML

In HTML the tags that have both an on tag and an off tag are called elements?

In HTML, all tags are elements and all HTML elements other than empty elements and <p> elements require a start and end tag to delimit the element's content. The <br> tag is an example of an empty element (there is no </br> tag). However, an empty element can also be closed by the start tag, such that <br /> is acceptable (<br /> is a requirement of XHTML but not HTML).

What is a HTML elements?

HTML tags and their respective attributes are used to create HTML documents so that you can view them in browsers and other user agents.

How many HTML elements can one Form have?

there is no such limitation. you can have any number of form elements

BASIC element of dynamic HTML?

Dynamic HTML is a combination of HTML tags and interactive web pages. Its basic elements include: an object-oriented view of web elements, cascading style sheets and dynamic fonts.

How do you make a table inside another table in HTML?

When you add a table inside of another table in HTML, the second table is said to be "nested."Nesting tables is straightforward. You simply define the HTML for the inner table within a table cell of the outer table. For instanceThis is a cellNested table cell 1NT Cell 2The important part of this is to keep track of what HTML elements are open as it's easy to become confused. You might want to create the inner table in a separate file and then copy and past the entire thing at once, into the cell you're aiming for.