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you cant. there is no code uet. but there is a code for seeing ANY POKEMON you want at the level you choose in the tall grass.

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What is the action replay code for zoara in Pokemon Platinum?

Your friend code backward. There is no action replay code for Zoara in Pokemon Platinum.

What is the action replay code to get dialga on Pokemon platinum?

theres no action replay code for dilga in any Pokemon game

How come your action replay wont on Pokemon Platinum at all?

on the action replay code maniger, click code junkies, then where is says Pokemon platinum , drag it to my code list

Pokemon Platinum action replay steal other peoples Pokemon code?

yes i know you can do that type Pokemon platinum action replay codes on Google

Action replay code Dialga Pokemon Platinum?

go to the internet then write what is the action replay code of dialga in Pokemon platinum. it works, i got all the legends. ooooooooooooh

What is the Pokemon Platinum code for action replay DS?

There are many different action replay codes in Pokemon platinum. If you mean the master code then you need to say where you game was made.

Id code for Pokemon Platinum?

Action Replay ID For Pokemon Platinum CPUE d074d1b3

How do you write a code in Pokemon Platinum?

you don't you just write the code on action replay but first you have to update action replay since Pokemon platinum is a new game hope this helped

What is the code to get Pokemon Platinum on action replay?

I'm afraid you cannot use a code to get Pokemon Platinum. You will have to buy the game from a store. The action replay has no control over playing games you do not have.

What is the Action Replay code to get Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl and Platinum?

There is no Action Replay code in order to get Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum at the moment.

What is the 900 of all medicine items code for Pokemon Platinum?

What is the Pokemon 900 medicine code for action replay to Pokemon platinum

How do you get shaymin on Pokemon platnium via action replay?

search platinum action replay codes then import the code to the action replay

What action replay code lets you change your characters name in Pokemon Platinum?

i have it you go towww. Pokemon platinum action replay codes.com by Jared selby

What is the action replay code for getting Celebi in Pokemon platinum?

There is no action replay code for getting celebi just catch it in pokemon leaf green

Where do you find Pokemon number 138 in platinum?

get an action replay and get a code for that Pokemon

Where can you catch a turtwig in Pokemon Platinum?

There is if you have the action replay. Use the wild Pokemon modifier code and there is an advanced Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon platinum. If you don't have the action replay then you can't. You have to choose him as starter from Prof. Rowan.

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