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Masjids and Islamic Centers in Florence, Italy MUSLIM CULTURAL CENTER, FLORENCE

Phone: 055-2381411

Comunita Islamica Di Firenze E Toscana, Florence, Toscana

Phone: 3382567770

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How far from FLorence Italy to Rome Italy?

How far is it from rome, Italy to Florence, italy

Why is Florence Italy named after Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale was named after Florence, Italy because she was born there.

What is a city beginning with F?

Florence, ItalyFlorence, Italy

Is florence part of southern Italy?

No. Florence is the capital of Tuscany in northern Italy

What are some bodies of water in florence Italy?

major landmarks in italy florence

Is Florence in France?

No, Florence is a city in Italy.

Where is Florence Italy located?

Florence, Italy is located north of Rome and east of Pisa.

Where is the Uffizi Gallery?

Florence, Italy. Florence, Italy. It's a wonderful art gallery.

Where was the author Dante from?

Dante was born in Florence, Italy. Dante was born in Florence, Italy.

What hemisphere is florence Italy in?

Florence is found in the eastern hemisphere of the coast of Europe, in Italy.

What is the climate zone in Florence Italy?

The climate zone of Florence, like that of Italy, is Mediterranean.

What was Florence Nightingale named after?

florence nightingale was named after florence in italy

What is the web address of the Shrine Mosque in Springfield Missouri?

The web address of the Shrine Mosque is: http://www.abashrine.com

Where did Machiavelli live?

ITALYFlorence, Italy

What is the closest international airport to Florence Italy?

Peretola Airport - Florence, Italy (FLR / LIRQ).

How far is it from Lucca Italy to florence Italy?

Lucca is 37.7 miles (60.7 kilometers) from Florence.

What region is Florence?

Florence is in the Tuscany region of Italy.

When florence nightingale born?

1820 in Florence,Italy

Why was Florence nightingale called Florence?

she was named Florence because she was born in the city of Florence in Italy

How many miles from Rome to Florence?

The distance between Rome, Italy and Florence, Italy is 173 miles. The city of Florence is to the north of Rome.

What is the driving distance in kilometres from Florence to Venice?

The driving distance from Florence, Italy to Venice, Italy is 258km

Florence to venice?

The driving distance from Florence, Italy to Venice, Italy is 161 miles / 259 km

Was florence the first capital of Italy?

No. Turin was the first capital of Italy. Florence replaced Turin in 1865.

On which continent is Florence?

Florence (Firenze) is in Italy, which is on the European continent.

Why is a Florence flask called a Florence flask?

It's named after the city of Florence in Italy.

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