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Adjusting valves 2008 Honda xr650l?


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1.) Clean bike and remove foreign material that may fall in engine.

2.) Remove side covers.

3.) Remove seat. (two bolts under the back part of seat in wheel well. Slide seat back and off.

4.)Turn fuel petcock to off position and remove fuel line.

5.) Remove bolt and washer holding the fuel tank. (Rear of tank)

6.) blow compressed air around spark plug to remove any debris and remove plug.

7.) Remove the 4 24 millimeter valve caps on top of engine.

8.) Remove the two caps one the left side cover.

9.) Rotate crankshaft counter clockwise until the intake valves go down and start to rise. Watch the crankshaft through the small hole and align the index mark on the crankshaft with the groove inside the small hole. The mark should have a "T" to the right of the mark.

10.) Grab the Intake rocker arms with your fingers, the should have a little play in them.

11.) This is called valve lash. Take a .004 shim and insert it between the valve and the rocker adjuster. There should be a slight drag on the shim. If you can't insert the shim, they are too tight. If the shim has no drag on it and it moves too freely, too loose.

12.) if adjustment is needed, loosen the lock nut and turn the adjuster with a screw with the .004 shim inserted between the screw and the valve until you have a slight drag on the feeler gage. Re-tighten the lock nut with the screwdriver holding the screw to make sure that it does not turn while you tighten the lock nut. Recheck after tightening with the shim. You want to be able to insert the shim with slight resistance.

Repeat this procedure for the other intake valve.

13.) The exhaust valve use the same procedure except that the shim for them is .005.

Warning: Too tight will burn your valves. Too lose can actually cause mechanical damage to the valve train

Info: Adjust valves with the engine cold.

14.) Reassembly is reverse of disassembly.