Advantage and disadvantage of on premise catering?


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On-premise catering means that the caterer prepares and serves all food at the venue.

They differ by location of the event. Off premise catering is when the caterer serves the food at your home or other venue. On premise catering when the caterer serves the food in their own venue.

Some restaurants can cater your party either at their restaurant, or at your place of choosing. If they cater at your place, it is called "off premise" catering. Not all restaurants offer "off premise" catering.

On-premise catering refers to any function held on the physical premises of the establishment producing and serving the function.

If you cook and serve the meal at the client's house, it is on premise catering. On-premise catering is any catering event where the caterers prepare the food in the same location where they serve it.

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Off premise catering is where the caterers cook the food and take it to a location where they serve the food. It includes serving dinner to wedding reception guests, dinner parties, and office parties.

The positives and negatives of starting an on premise catering business, is that you can't travel. The positive is that you can make money and have repeat customers. The negative is that you may not be in a good spot.

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