Advantage of nuclear family?

Remember that a "nucleus" is unstable without surrounding particles. In other words, a nuclear family won't last long unless it's part of a larger community.

Some advantages of a nuclear family are:

1.Both parents are available. This allows for a number of positive outcomes such as emotional support for children, physical support for children eg. carry them to school, bathe them, dress them for school etc.

Financial-In the case where both parents work will have enough financial support eg. to provide money and purchase all basic needs for children food, clothes, shelter, education

2.Both parents being available to guide children in the right direction eg. teach them morals values, respect, obedience etc.

In the case where one parent may work the other can stay at home and care for the child/children

3.Parents may not have too much emotional stress to deal with since they can assist each other in bringing up their children.

a stable environment.