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they appeal to the eyes ears of the learner,motivate learners,help teachers.

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They give the information in two ways at once. This helps it to stick better. It also helps with different learning styles.

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Q: Advantages and disadvantages of audio visual aids?
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What are advantages and disadvantages of visual aids?

Advantages of visual aids can help make a presentation lively and more clear. On the other hand, a disadvantage of a visual aid can be it can be a distraction and lead away from the importance of what is being said.

What are the merits and demerits of audio visual communication?

merits and demerits of audio visual aids

What are Characteristics of Audio Visual Aids?

Characteristics of audio visual aids are the different qualities or features that make them helpful in teaching and learning. Audio visual aids refer to tools or materials that combine both sight and sound to present information. These aids can be things like videos, PowerPoint presentations, diagrams, charts, or pictures that include sound or narration. They are used to make learning more interesting and easier to understand. The characteristics of audio visual aids include: Visual representation: They provide visual images that help students see and understand information better. For example, a video showing how a volcano erupts makes it easier to visualize the process. Auditory reinforcement: Audio visual aids include sound or narration that helps reinforce the information being presented. For instance, a PowerPoint presentation with an audio explanation can help students remember the content more effectively. Engaging and interactive: They make the learning experience more engaging and interactive, capturing students' attention and encouraging active participation. For instance, a class discussion prompted by a visual aid encourages students to share their thoughts and ask questions. Overall, audio visual aids are great tools because they make learning more enjoyable, enhance understanding, and promote active participation in the learning process.

What are the education values of audio -visual aids?

audio visual aids are those things you can see and hear which will aid you in teaching. Like television. They make teaching more interesting

What has the author Alan C Holmes written?

Alan C. Holmes has written: 'A study of understanding of visual symbols in Kenya' -- subject(s): Audio-visual aids, Health education 'Visual aids in nutrition education' -- subject(s): Audio-visual aids, Nutrition, Study and teaching

What has the author Cecil Norman Botham written?

Cecil Norman Botham has written: 'Audio-visual aids for cooperative education and training' -- subject(s): Audio-visual aids, Cooperative Education

What are the disadvantages of using audio-visual aids in learning?

Disadvantages of using audio-visual aids are:Audio-visual learning aids may be extremely useful only if it is implemented effectively.It is extremely important to know that all concepts may not be effectively learned only through audiovisual aids.Use of audio-visual aids may not guarantee learning process, hence it needs to be supplemented by other teaching methods.Children do not learn concepts by copying them off the overhead. It is better to give them an outline and then, with a combination of talk and experience, have them fill out the pertinent information. If talking using a visual aid, make sure you are not turned to the screen talking to it. Speak to the children.The visual aid should be images that they otherwise would not have access to, or perhaps a detailed diagram that is not easily replicated on the white board.

What are examples of audio visual aids?

Three examples of audio visual aids would be a movie or some type of video, a PowerPoint presentation, and a classic presentation using a presentation board or an overhead projector.

What has the author Andy Jackson Cyprinski written?

Andy Jackson Cyprinski has written: 'Audio-visual aids in health biology' -- subject(s): Audio-visual aids, Bibliography, Health education, Indexes, Periodicals

What are three examples of audio visual aids?

Three examples of audio visual aids would be a movie or some type of video, a PowerPoint presentation, and a classic presentation using a presentation board or an overhead projector.

Explain the Importance of audio visual aids in teaching English?

importance of audio visual adis in teaching english

How would you use audio visual aids in simple past tense?