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Composting helps to build soil nutrients. It is an excellent way to get rid of waste while building the soil. Composting supplies necessary nutrients to plants.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of composting?

AdvantagesComposting helps the environment by naturally breaking down waste material.It gets rid of trash in a good way.DisadvantagesCompost smells bad.You can't compost everything.

What are the advantages of composting?

its very a very clean possess although it can damage the environment if disposing chemicals

What soil is best for composting?

Composting is the action of breaking down vegetable waste into useable soil, so you get soil from composting, you don't use soil for composting.

How is worm composting different to regular composting?

Because worm composting is healthier to the environment and healthier to the earth. :)

How do you use composting in a sentence?

Composting is the thing of recycling of organic waste. This is the sentence containing composting word.

Is clay good for composting?

clay is not good for composting

How do you think earthworms help the process of composting?

earthworms help the composting process of composting by eating the earth materials

Does composting effect certain plants?

No. Composting is good for all plants.

What is bad about composting?

Composting is bad for the Earth because it is bad for the environment?

What is a benefit of composting?

A benifit for composting is you can use the compost to put on your crops.

What is using worms in composting called?

worm composting vermicomposting vermiculture

What level of recycling and composting waste are in Peru?

what is the level of composting in peru

Why does composting help the environment?

Composting vegetation waste returns nutrients to the soil.

What is vermi-composting?

Vermi-composting is using a specialty worm called a Red Wiggler to compose dead animal and plant matter. Vermi-composting can be harvested by digging a shallow hole near what we call a worm's burrow.

In what way are composting and biogas production similar?

in what way are composting and biogas production similar

Is composting good or bad Why?

Composting is good as long as you are putting in the right stuff, if you are not then it is bad.

Who invented composting?

Composting is a natural process. Methods may have improved but no one invented it.

What are some of the best worms for composting?

Red wigglers are the best worms for worm composting.

What is advantage of composting?

Composting helps the environment by naturally breaking down waste materials!

Is composting physical or chemical change?

Composting of manure is physical as well as chemical change.

How long does it take for composting stuff to brake down?

Depends on what kind of stuff you are composting. It also depends on what method you are using some fast composting methods take 2-3 weeks to produce compost. The temperature/weather has an effect on composting rate too.

What is composting and how does it work?

Composting is the piling up of garden waste and letting it decompose so that you can return it to the soil.

Where can composting be done?

Composting can be done in backyards or at recycling centers. It deduces landfills and makes good fertilizer.

What does composting help?

the environment

What happens after composting?