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There are many advantages of maintaining records of stocks. These advantages include but are not limited to being able to observe trends.


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No, not only the RC is responsible for maintaining records.

-You will be responsible for maintaining the file plan -you will be responsible for maintaining, servicing, and disposing of records -you will be responsible for properly retiring or transferring records

Records document organizational decisions; Provides information to decision-makers; Records document history; All of the above

-person employed to keep a record of the owners of stocks and bonds issued by the company -the administrator responsible for student records -someone responsible for keeping records -person employed to keep a record of the owners of stocks and bonds issued by the company -the administrator responsible for student records -someone responsible for keeping records

2 advantages are... it usually guarantee return and if company is in trouble stock lose value then bond.

assist personnel with understanding electronic filing requirementsdelete records according to disposition instructionsestablish the files maintenance & disposition plantransfer electronic records to electronic media designated for the inactive files areaProperly retiring or transferring recordsMaintaining, servicing, and disposing of recordsMaintaining the file plan

You will be responsible for properly retiring or transferring records you will be responsible for maintainine the file plan you will be responsible for maintaining, servicing, and disposing or records

Green stocks are investments in companies that are environmentally friendly and energy conscious. Investing in green stocks is easy and popular. you can buy green stocks on all major exchanges, through several mutual fund companies that have such specialized funds.

rostering is the process of allocating staff to particular shifts and duties and maintaining the associated records

History records no advantages of such a thing. And it has been tried many, many times.

Peachetee accounting software doing for maintaining all types of accounting records.

RC stands for records custodian. The duties include taking and maintaining records so they can be accessed in the future for various reasons.

The advantages of classifying mental disorders into types and maintaining taxonomy for clinical reference is the differences that occur in each mental disorder. For example addiction is a differently diagnosed disorder than anxiety.

Purchasing, Handling, Selling, Returning of Goods Purchased, Returning of goods sold, Maintaining Adequate Stocks. 

A computer can search through millions of electronic records in seconds. A human being with paper records would take months to do the same task.

Short answer for beginning investors:Bond is like money you loan to a company. In return, that company promises to pay you back with interest after a certain period of time.Advantages of bonds are:Less risk than stocks Payout is more stable but usually less in value then stocksWhen you buy a stock, you pay to own part of the company. Therefore, the money earned through stocks is directly affected by the performance of the company and demand for their stocks.So to answer your question, Advantages of stocks:Higher payout ceiling (but more risk) Possible to grow your money extreme quicklySell your stock anytime to reap the rewards (bonds are purchased for a set period of time)However, you or anyone aiding you in investing will need a knowledge of the stock market to invest effectively.

Computers in school can be used for Adminstration purpose, maintaining records, in computer labs and so on.

A Secretariat is an administrative unit responsible for maintaining records and other secretarial duties; especially for international organizations.

Advantages of paper based medical records include that they are easy for anyone to use even if they are not technically savvy. In an emergency, a paper record can make a difference because they are readily available.

The meaning of an administrative clerk is one who has the job of maintaining records for a company. They calculate pay for those who work at the company, as well as enters data into the company records.

There are multiple benefits to keeping manual records. Low cost and ease of use are just a couple of the advantages. Additionally, you never have to worry about not having access to the information because a computer system is down.

Yeoman is a group that specializes in maintaining the crew's records. They know the regulations and deal with all correspondence for the ship.

Accounting is a system of maintaining records of a companies operations and communicating that information to decision makers.

Electronic medical record software records are far more economical than paper records, if only for the fact that there is no paper being used. Other advantages include the facts that electronic medical records are far more accurate, resulting in less medical mistakes and resulting in more savings.

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