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Effective communication 1. mandate for effective communication 2. what makes an ad effective 3. characteristics of effective advertising 4. elements of an effective advertisement 5. advertising must be goal oriented 1. Mandate for effective communication The communications world is noisier and more complex than ever before. Media are more fragmented, politicians more skeptical, campaigners more vocal and the news cycle never stops. You need to stay several steps ahead of your competitors. To win, you must engage, persuade and convince, not just talk. It can only survive and grow if it focuses on the need of the consumer. We need to see what our target market is. We need to address the consumers mind. It's basically when you convince the consumer to buy a specific product which is going to fulfill the consumer needs. It's when you teach the consumer about the product. QUALITY OF GOOD ADVERTISEMENT

Whether you are placing your ad on the TV or radio, newspaper or internet it should make your customers think about your product or service in a different way. A good ad has the potential to persuade a customer and change his mind to switch to a different brand. A good ad always tells the customer why he should buy that product and what are the advantages of the product. EXLPICIT OBJECTIVES When you want to make advertisement you should be clear enough that like What you are offering It is important for the customers to know who you are but it is more important for them to understand what you can do for them. It is quite obvious that people look at their own interest first. While making an ad this should be your entry point. Why are you Different Let them know first who you are and then highlight the unique aspects of your product and services, something that others don't offer. Only then you can attract the customers towards your brand. Keep Hitting the Customers It is a wrong idea that the customers will automatically get back to you if your product is good. Your competitors are always trying hard to pull your customers towards their product or service. So keep your customers reminding about the value that they get when they buy your product or service. Example: coke, Pepsi Be Honest You make a good ad. The customers come to you and buy your product. If your product is not good and if you try to fool them they will never get back to you. . In such case no ad will be good enough to work. So when you go for advertising, try to capture the reality. Example:In August 1996, Nissan world wide launched a campaign. They won the award of the best commercial of the year. They put a song "You Really Got Me" in the backdrop which was a famous song those days. It was a very happy go lucky ad. It won the award but didn't sell the product. Nissan the declined in USA. Buyers of Nissan were lower in past 6 years. They had the loss of 500 and 18 million dollars in 1998. Example: their was a ad of EVA cooking oil where they teaches the consumer that this pouch of oil is easily opened and can be used instead of making mess in the kitchen It is also very important to know about the target market before you make an ad. Example: if you are making an ad of Cadbury chocolate you will know that children of all age and all age groups of people love it. so you will target both the consumers. 2. What makes an ad effective Some excellent ideas for increasing customer response to your advertising. These are not just words on a page - they are tested advertising methods for getting results. Don't let an easy idea stop you from getting better advertising results. What do we consider better results? Better offers can double your response. Better headlines can double your response. A better graphic, better position, better media, better timing, and better copy - all can double your response. Get them all right, and you get 10 times the response that a bad ad gets. Example: Ad of a beer With the Super Bowl just coming around the corner, not only are people excited about the Giants vs. The Patriots, but also what are going to be the big commercials of 2008? The commercials of the Superbowl have become almost as popular as the game itself. With adds costing millions of dollars the question is what makes an effective add. This is an older Superbowl add (WAZZUP) by Budweiser that was so popular it became an integrated part of our society. The question is why? Is it because of the humor, is it because Budweiser is so delicious, or is it brilliant targeting and segmenting on the behalf of the marketing team at Budweiser? 3. Characteristics of effective advertising 1. Advertising must be an extension of a good marketing communication strategy. If it differs from the other components of the strategy, then is not meeting the goals of the strategy and perhaps creating unintended results or messages. Therefore, when you create advertisements you should try to keep the message consistent with the message of the Marcum strategy. 2. Advertising needs to be relevant to the consumer's needs, wants, and values. Marketers often create advertising that is stated in a way that relates to the marketer's needs, wants and values, instead of the consumers. It is essential to find what the consumer needs and then to direct your advertising messages to those needs. 3. It is getting harder and harder to get a consumer's attention these days, therefore, you should design your advertisements in such a way that it cuts through all the other things that are trying to get the consumer's attention as well. Consumers tend to block out advertisements, so you need to try and find a unique way of getting them to pay attention. There are many ways of doing this. You can use humor, sound, lack of sound and many more. I plan on doing some blog entries on getting consumer's attention in the future, so check back for those. 4. Advertising should be truthful. If your advertisement says your car can go 0 to 60 in 1 second, then your product better be able to meet that promise. Being honest is not only ethical; it is also the intelligent way of doing business. No one likes being deceived, and if deception occurs, the consumer will have a negative view of the company. Your business will make it a lot further with positive attitudes towards your company then with negative ones. 5. Sometimes advertisement creators get so caught up in designing a creative, cool advertisement that they fail to effectively deliver a message that will facilitate the success of their marketing communications strategy. The final outcome of your advertising efforts should be to sell your products, not to have advertisements that look amazing and win all kinds of awards. The awards for your creativity won't sell your innovations. 4. Elements of an effective advertisement · strategy · Creativity · Execution Strategy Businesses that realize that advertisements are an investment and those that use creative strategies to advertise their products in a cost effective manner are the most successful businesses. Advertisements have great influence and a good, carefully executed advertising strategy can significantly boost sales and improve business. 'What you want to say that's strategy' don't give so many ideas in one commercial be specific. Example: Like MAC DONALD'S strategy is to provide exceptional customer care and offering high value. Creativity It deals with how you deliver your message to the consumers. When you think of an advertisement you've seen that really sticks out in your mind, it probably has a high level or at least a substantial level of creativity in it. One that really stands out in my mind is this Pepsi advertisement (joy of Pepsi) The advertisement makes its point in an entertaining way and captures the viewer's attention. The marketers let the advertisement speak for itself and didn't make it boring by trying to convince you to purchase it.

How would creativity in advertising be defined? It's hard to pin down an exact definition, but usually creative advertisements have two traits: originality and appropriateness. When I say the advertisement should be original, I mean that there should be no advertisements out there that are similar to it. If it isn't very distinguishable from competitive advertising, it won't be able to capture the consumer's attention. The jazz musician Charlie Mingus once said of creativity and originality, "Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can play weird, that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple complicated is commonplace, making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity."

Creativity must also have a level of appropriateness. In other words it must be appropriate for solving the marketing objectives, which would probably include increasing sales and profits. If the advertisement fails to meet objectives it serves no purpose for both the marketing plan and the company Example: milkpak targeted children, by making the sequel of the milkiteers(Cartoons) Example: Another good example can be SAFEGUARD they also targeted children by showing the cartoons (safeguard commander) EXECUTION This is the technique to give final touches to your advertisement .How you really execute your advertisement. Advertisement should be like that consumer must relate to product. It should not like when consumer watch advertisement he or she couldn't relate or understand easily Atmosphere, props, music, models or kids should support the advertisement. Example:like In jazz advertisement they took Shoaib Malik and Eman Ali, In their prepaid service as they know that mostly youth are the customers of prepaid service. Advertising must be goal oriented An advertisement is always measured by the impact of its sales. The advertising must be goal oriented. Explain what your proposition means to your customers. How will it make their business more profitable, more streamlined, more ethical and sustainable, more socially responsible; how your proposition will improve the quality of their service to their own customers; how it will make their employees lives' easier, better, less stressful - whatever you believe to be the strongest most relevant and meaningful customer outcomes. If you all be able to that your advertisement proves to be successful. Example: Zong is reshaping advertising industry with goal-oriented ads So when Zong launched a lot of people made a mockery out of the fact that they only had an in-house advertising department and were not working with agencies. It was almost like people in denial as employees of ad agencies repeatedly judged, analyzed and mocked every small mistake in their early times. But the Telco seems to be laughing the last laugh along with the rest of the nation now as their delightfully fresh commercials become the talk of the town, causing them to gain 1 million new customers in the first 4 days. I really don't think the Mobilink and Telenor theatrical ads have ever given them a similar result. It's a people connection The Zong ads are a human-to-human message. They aren't pretentious in giving out an "all powerful company" to "consumers" message. There's a guy, who thinks, speaks and acts like me. Being consumer-oriented is a strategy that most MNCs are deathly afraid of (that's another post though), but introducing ads that the large subset of people can relate to has been incredibly successful for Zong - you wantto care about Zong because they want to care about you.. Simple!

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Q: Advertising as Effective communication
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