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African american slavery?

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Doesn't exist in America anymore.

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What was the African-American slavery?

African American slavery was the exploitation of people from Africa by Europeans.

What slavery is in Africa today?

African American slavery

How did slavery affect African American life?

All African Americans were slaves.

Why do you study about harriet Tubman?

We should study about her because she was an African American and escaped slavery and other African Americans weent with her. We should study about her because she was an African American and escaped slavery and other African Americans weent with her.

What are some books that contain history about African American slavery?

There are many books that discuss the history of African American Slavery. History text books, and books such as 'Freedom v Slavery' by John Hutchins.

The largest African American denomination after slavery?


African American who campaigned to end slavery?


Who was the first African American to get out of slavery?

harriet Tubman

What century did African American slavery start?


How was slavery back then?

slavery was horrible back then for millions and thousands of African American people.

What was the purpose of African American folktale?

The purpose of African American Folktales were to teach lessons on how to survive under slavery

What was worst nazi Germany or African American slavery?

I think African American slavery was worst because it lasted longer and we have not received any reparations,holidays or anything but a get over it.

When was African American slavery abolished?

The 13th Amendment stopped all slavery in the United States.

How did African American resist slavery?

Most of them ran away

What African American escaped from slavery in 1838?

Fredrick Douglass

What dvds are there about African American history?

One can find numerous DVDs about African American history. Some of the more notable DVD's include 'Up From Slavery', 'Black History: A Retrospective' and 'African America - From Slavery to Glory'.

Is skia Jackson African American?

yes she is. any black person is African or African American is because our ancestors came from Africa (if your African American) during slavery and if they had kids it would go down in history

How long was African American slavery?

over 200 hundred years.

When did African-American slavery begin in the US?

in the year 1515

What was the largest african-american church after slavery?

Baptist Church

How did slavery influence African American culture?

the dances, languages, and foods .

Why did African American slavery happen?

Maybe to discover new stuff.

What impact did slavery have on African American families?

It made them very wealthy.

How did african slaves resist slavery?

The first slaves arrived in North American in 1619. African slaves resisted the restraints of slavery by rebelling and running away.

Why did African American slavery begin?

Because some people were too lazy to do their own work and so they make an African American slave do it for them.