After 2.5 years of having no contact with your daughter your ex has just out of the blue decided that he wants to see her againmy daughter doesn't want anything to do with him and becomes hysterical i?

The father of a child, who is not barred from contact through convictions for child abuse, has every right to see his daughter, and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is facilitated.

If there has been a long gap, the first visit should be a short familiarization visit, but subsequent visits should soon lengthen, depending on the age of the child.

The child is hysterical, but in general a judge will not usually take the wishes of the child into account, though if the child is a teenager, the child's views may affect decisions about access.

Her hysteria has a reason. If there is a previous history of abuse, violence, etc. the matter should be in the hands of professionals who may recommend supervised visits.

But, and this is more likely, the hysteria is because the child is picking up the mother's negative feelings about the father. Are you being positive about this visit?