After a two-tank morning scuba dive is it OK to accend to a 14K summit?

Scuba Diving This cannot be answered definitively, especially without knowing the depths of the morning dives. However, this is almost certainly not safe and not worth the risk of decompression illness. Improvement Going to Altitude after Diving is the same as flying after diving. There are many trains of thought, and the minimum time recommended after 2 dives in one day is 18 hours. If you have been diving multiple dives (2 or more) over multiple days (2 or more), the minimum recommended time is 24 hours. A good source of reference is DAN and do a search on flying after diving. Small Addition Its also important to note that physical exertion post dive increases the risk of decompression sickness regardless of altitude.

It would stand to reason that physical exertion at and increasing altitude would be a compounded risk. Further Explanation - Physiology A two tank dive would almost certainly result in a lot of nitrogen in your system. Going to a height where the pressure is less than atmospheric will certainly increase the risk of that compressed gas expanding into your bloodstream faster than it would otherwise do so. The bends is a real risk in this situation. Addition A 14,000 foot ascent is a very large ascent. It will more than likely result in bubbling even if no dives had been made. There should be a nice survace interval no matter what dives were done prior to the ascent.

Always consult your personal dive computer, which calculates the nitrogen in your blood.