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You do not have to reset anything. but you should have the battery disconnected. and once you reconnect the battery it will reset your computer.

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Where is the fuel pump relay on a 2000 grand prix gtp?

how to reset fuel pump,on Pontiac grand prix GTP

How do you reset the oil life on a 98 Pontiac gtp after you change the oil?

i have a 99 gtp and it resets itself after i change the oil

Can you put an engine from a gtp in to a gt?


What model cars carried the 3800 supercharged engine?

the GTP model has the supercharged engine in it

What is the difference in the 1998 grand prix gt and gtp cars?

The GTP is supercharged and the the GT is just the 3800 engine without a supercharger

Does anyone know how much an engine compression test would cost on a 99 grand prix gtp?

An engine compression test on a 99 Grand Prix GTP can cost $180

How do you reset the computer on a Pontiac gtp 2002?

Just disconnect the battery terminals for a couple of minutes then reconnect them.

Reset low tire pressure 97 grand prix gtp?

hold the reset button under the dash on the drivers side kind of by the pedals look up

Can a 1999 3.8 gt engine be exchanged with a 3.8 supercharged GTP engine If so how does it work with the computer?

What type of engine does your 1999 Pontiac grand prix gtp have?

3.8 liter

How do you reset anti-theft code for a 2000 pontaic grand prix gtp?

you gotta go to a GM for that

How do you check the engine light codes on a 2005 Grand Prix GTP?

With a scan tool.

Can a super charger make a Pontiac gtp check engine light go on?

yes it can

Where is the button to reset the oil life located on a Pontiac Grand Prix GT?

To reset the oil life in the display press and hold down the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds. This works for the GTP. Hope this helps. "G"

Where is fuel regulator 1997 gtp?

It is located on the fuel rail just under the engine cover.

1999 grand prix GTP windshield wipers stuck in up position even after its off How do I reset them so they stay down?

You can detailed instructions on how to reset your wipers on

Can the throttle body off a 1998 Pontiac grand prix gtp fit on a 2000 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

Yes, both cars had the exact same 3.8 series II engine.

Where is the oil filter for a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix gtp?

on the passenger side of engine by the wheel well

How do you replace a spark plug on a 1998 Grand Prix GTP?

The front 3 are easy. I just did mine in my 2000 gtp. To get at the back 3 you will need to remove the top engine mounts and then pull the engine forward and place something to brace it. You will find it easy to remove them. 00gtp

Is there readily available kit to convert a 1996 Grand Prix Se to a GTP?

I don't think so. the GTP model for that year did not come with a supercharger like the newer models. It just had a bigger engine the 3.4 L DOHC 24 valve V6. If you want a new engine.

Is the 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP turbo?

Actually the GTP came with the 3.4L DOHC engine which is also Supercharged (not Turbo but it helps) ~NATE NO, 3.4 liter 24 valve dual overhead cam.

Grand Prix GTP 98 stalling randomly have had trans sensor intake alternator and ignition switch replaced Stalls once every hour when driving or stopped also bucks before not always fuelpump has passed?

Try changing the fuel pump resistor, also check the 2 relays for the fuel pump.

Do you have a diagram of the engine firing order for a 1999 Pontiac grand prix GTP?

145236 starting at the front of the vehicle

How fast will a 1998 Pontiac gtp go before engine shuts off?

Limiter is set at 125 m.p.h.

Where is supercharger located on 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix gtp?

on top of the engine underneath the cover. you cant miss it.