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Q: After changing the battery in your 2008 xterra the vlc off slip and 4wd lights are constantly illuminated also the small vehicle graphic that show is 4wd status is missing what happened?
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Will disconnecting the battery disable airbags?

Yes it happened to me. My airbag light is flashing after changing the battery and the mechanic not following procedure

How do you reset computer after changing battery for BMW 745li?

do you have to reset computer after changing battery in 2003 745li

Is the watch illuminated Can the battery easily be replaced?

The kinetic technology allows the watch to "wind" from the motion in your wrist - no batteries are needed. Both the hands and the markers are illuminated.

Can you use a battery charger to power a mini cooper while changing the battery to avoid problems with the onboard computers?

Not necessary. No problems will be encountered when changing the battery.

Your ds wont turn on it flashes white then turns off what do you do?

This happened to me- either you need to fully charge your DS, or the battery needs changing.

How do you reset security system after changing battery on a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee?

This just happened to me today- connect the battery, put your key in the drivers side door, lock then unlock. That's it.

Why is the Battery light on after replacing alternator on Lincoln Navigator?

my battery is still on after changing battery and altnator

What are the buttons on the back of the ibook g4 battery?

Pressing the button on an iBook's battery will illuminate a string of lights; the number of lights illuminated indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

How do you tell if car alternator is bad?

The battery light will be illuminated on the dashboard and later the battery will go flat as it is not getting charged Garages can check this for you if your battery is frequently getting flat.

Is there a reset for the 1995 Aspire after changing out the battery?


How do you change a side post battery to a top post?

It is as simple as changing the battery cables.

How do you fix battery light indicator?

by changing the alternator

Changing the battery on a Mazda 6?

Changing the battery on a Mazda 6 is very easy to do. You will first need to remove the bar that is over the battery, then you will need to remove the battery terminals. After the battery is removed, put the new one in and put the battery terminals back in place, and put the bar back on.

Does leaving the car on but not driving it anywhere drain the battery?

If the engine is running, then no. The alternator constantly keeps the battery charged.

Why will your Nissan Maxima not run cold after changing the battery?

No, changing the battery has no effect on how hot or cold the engine runs. The battery has one purpose and that is to store electricity that is used to start the engine and run the electronics on the vehicle. The alternator keeps the battery fully charged.

Do I need to disconnect the battery before changing spark plugs?


Should you disconnect the battery when changing the speed sensors on a transmisssion?


How do you reset a keyless remote after changing the battery on a 97 Corvette?

You do not have to reset the keyless remote after battery replacement.

Why has the battery light come on after changing the battery alternator and starter motor?

Is it charging, if not have you checked wiring to alternator.

Can constantly charging your phone kill the battery?

Yes . The more you charge your phone the less potential your battery has of charging quickly and properly .

What is the meaning of an illuminated voltage light on a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?

It could indicate poor battery health or a problem with the alternator.

How do you change a boat battery?

Changing a boat battery can be specific to the type of boat. Many boats have a small plastic box with the battery in it, while others have the battery hidden in a compartment.

Changing a battery in nexus 7?

To change your Nexus 7 Battery, simply remove the back lid, and pull off the battery which is held by an adhesive, and replace it with the 4326mAh battery.

Changing a battery on a suzuki boulevard 800?

The battery on a Suzuki Boulevard 800 is under the seats. The seats need to be unbolted and removed, then the battery can be pulled out.

Do you need to reset the computer after changing the battery on a 2004 ford f350?