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After changing the number 2 coil pack 0n a 2007 trailblazer the engine still misses what else should you check?


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2009-10-20 01:41:45
2009-10-20 01:41:45

Check the fuel injectors

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Alot of times your local auto parts store will have free check engine light reader. Make sure you attend to the problem if one exsists but they should be able to reset it for you at no charge (Autozone for example). Not sure with the trailblazer but sometimes if you disconnect your battery for a hour or so it will reset the computer. Auto part stores scan for CEL (check engine light). The service light is different. It usually means your vehicle has hit a set number of miles for a certain service recommended by the manufacturer. I'm not sure about the trailblazer, but my silverado has a reset procedure. Turn key on, pump gas pedal 5 times, when the light flashes press the odometer reset button. Trailblazer might be different, but probably something close.

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