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I suggest accessing your 1991 Cadillac Devilles onboard computer and obtaining the fault CODES that are stored in the computer.To do this:

1. Turn ignition switch to the ON position. Do NOT start the engine.

2. Simultaneously push and hold the OFF and WARMER buttons on your Electronic Climate Control panel for 3 seconds and then release them and while watching, you'll see your fuel data display change.

3. On your fuel data display, you will see LETTERS & NUMBERS displayed. Be prepared to write them down. As they run through fairly quickly, I suggest making a column list ahead of time on a piece of paper. Heading each of the four columns in order with these codes, EE And E And FF And F . Then as these codes flash, write down the number displayed under each of these coresponding codes number

Then when it stop's at .7.0 the code's are done.4. Turn ignition switch OFF.Now once you have the error codes, the answer to your question maybe at your finger tips.Good Luck

Ask Jack

NewCheck that none of the wires are touching the exhaust manifold, you can use tie straps to tie the cables so that they are not touching or near an extremely hot surface. You can burn up a wire and cause SERIOUS engine damage, if its been goin on for 2 weeks or so get your front motor mounts checked out, theres a possibility it may have cracked.

Did you change the rotor button as well? This problem your describing really needs to be described in much more detail as to how and when this miss started the more information you can provide is the easiest way for others to understand your situation. , EzForJesus

Is it possible that you inadvertantly tossed out the grounding strap when you replaced the cap? That might be your problem...I would just hit a junk yard and grab another one. It's a cheap way (about $5) to see if that troubleshooting works. If not...the mid to late 80's and newer are known for electrical frustrations with that computerized stuff. Good luck!

You might want to check the timing. I'm not sure how to adjust it but you definitely need to see where it's at. Also how many miles are on it? If it is a lot the timing chain may have stretched and may need replacing.

Make sure that the wires are properly routed to the right cylinders. Also make sure that the wire snaps into place when connecting them both to the spark plugs and the distributor cap. If a wire is not properly seated to the plug or to the distributor cap the cylinder that the wire goes to can fail to fire properly. Believe it or not the voltage that needs to go across the tip of the spark plug is aroung 16k volts, not a whole lot of amperage but it insists it get plenty of volts. Improperly connected wires can realy play havoc with the way the engine runs.

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Changing spark plugs on a 2002 Cadillac deville?

where are the sparkplugs on a 2002 cadillac deville and how to change them

How do you install Spark Plugs and wires on a 1994 Cadillac Deville Concours?

How can I change the wiring and spark plugs on my 1996 Cadillac Sedan Deville Concours?

How to replace the spark plugs on 93 cadillac deville 4.9 liter?

spark plug replacement on a 93 Cadillac DeVille 4.9 liter

How many spark plugs in 1996 Cadillac DeVille?

if it is a v8 it has 8 spark plugs if its a v6 it has 6 spark plugs and ect

How many sparkplugs does a 97 cadillac deville have?

A 97 Deville would be equipped with the Northstar V8 engine, therefore, it has 8 spark plugs.

How do you REmove and replace spark plugs 2004 Cadillac Seville Sls with 4.6 v8 enging?

How to Replace spark plugs on 2004 cadillac deville Sls with 4.6 v8 engine

Where is IAT sensor located on 1999 Cadillac deville?

it plugs in the back side of air filter box 2 wires.

What would cause a 1998 Cadillac deville to cut off while driving?

One reason a 1998 Cadillac Deville would cut off while driving could be the fuel pump or the car is out of fuel. Another reason could be the spark plugs.

How do you replace a flasher on a 1995 Cadillac DeVille?

The turn signal is under the dash on the drivers side. It is just to the left of the steering column and plugs in.

What kind of spark plugs do you use in your 9. Cadillac Deville with a northstar engine?

double platinum Bosch gapped at .55 - pretty standard stuff!

How do you change spark plugs on 1996 Cadillac deville 4.6 liter?

Spark plugs are easy to change. One disconnects the batter and spark plug cables, and removes the old spark plugs. Next a person puts in the new spark plugs, then reconnects spark plug cables and the battery.

I have a 95 dodge ram 5.9L 360 it wasnt missing but i decided to change the plugs because it was previously owned After changing wires plugs cap it starts missing and i cant find a disc vacuum?

first up i would check to make sure all plug wires are installed to the correct plugs 2 wires swapped to out of sequence plugs will cause this misfire

What is the torque for spark plugs 97 Cadillac?

Torque the spark plugs to 11 lb/ft.

2003 cadillac deville is shaking vibrating jumping at stops-no pep on thruway- Sparkplugs were replaced still doing it has been like this 4 weeks-What is wrong?

Were the spark plugs oil fouled? If so it can be a valve cover gasket, oil would be leaking into your spark plugs.

98 cadillac Deville concourse with a very bad miss in the engine?

it could be numerous things. spark plugs, fuel injectors, burnt valves, distributor, plug wires .... its hard to tell with out hooking it up to a diagnostic tool.

How do you replace the spark plugs on a 2001 Deville?


Why would oil leak from your engine after changing plugs and wires?

Changing the plugs and plug wires correctly has nothing to do with nor can it cause an oil leak.

Why ford explorer won't start after changing spark plugs?

Obviously- the spark plugs were not the issue :)

Where is the Freeze Plug located and how do you replace it 88 sedan deville?

There are about 8 freeze plugs which one is leaking?

What is an easy way to change the spark plugs in a 98 DeVille?

The easiest way is to take vehicle to a machanic and have him do it.

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