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The radiator may be clogged preventing water flow into the engine. With the engine cold, remove the radiator cap. Start the engine and let it warm up to the point where it should open the thermostat. Observe the flow of water in the radiator. If you can't see the water moving, the flow is being impeded somehow. Also suspect the coolant temperature sensor (located next to the thermostat housing).

you may have an air pocket in the coolant lines preventing proper flow of the sure to flush the system thoroughly to remove any airpockets. There is a bolt on the thermostat housing which you can remove (when cool) that by-passes the thermostat, allowing you to fill coolant. Use a small funnel and fill to top, then replace the bolt. This will allow the coolant in the block to reach water pump, heating thermostat, and circulating the coolant through radiator, etc.

        • Also, remove the overflow bottle, and using a stiff wire (coat hanger in my case) make sure the pipe connecting the bottle to the system is clear. My case I had a calcium-like blockage stopping flow and creating air/steam in system.

I just changed the water pump, thermostat, flushed the system. Make sure no air is in the closed presurized coolant system, air in the system stops the water from moving around.

Usually the fan clutch deteriates after the water pump went.

It could also be that your oil pump is on the way out. Do you have good oil pressure via the pressure gauge? Are any "check engine" lights coming on? Good luck, Badgirl.

check the coolant bottle for cracks etc. and also check the pressure capon the bottle. the cap can be no good and appear to be fine. best advice.....go buy a new pressure cap from the dealer and see what happens. i changed almost my whole cooling system before i did the bottle and cap.....nothing got it to run cool until i bought and installed them!!!

I, too replaced thermostat, radiator cap, ect, even the cap on the coolant bottle. Finally, I had to replace the plastic bottle itself. Jeep dealer told me they are plastic, and therefore they warp with age.

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Q: After changing the thermostat and water pump on your 1989 Jeep Cherokee it still heats up what could be wrong?
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What could it be if car heats up?

low or no coolant, or a bad thermostat.

Why does 1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited heats to 210 degrees?

It has a 195 thermostat and the electric fan comes on between 215 and 220.

Why Small block Chevy over heats at idle?

I would start by changing the thermostat. They go out, often, or have a tenacy to stick, and are cheap.

How do you know if thermostat on 2000 grand am needs replacement?

if your car over heats alot then that is a pretty good sign. aslong as it isn't your water pump. but thermostat is a good place to start. if you replace the thermostat and it still over heats. (assuming that is why you are asking) then it could be the water pump.

You have a 96 Cherokee sport heats up to about 230 every time you climb your driveway is this normal or should you start troubleshooting?

check water pump and replace thermostat Your water pump isn

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Truck only heats up to about 150 degrees?

Start with replacing the thermostat.

Can a stuck open thermostat cause a loss of antifreeze?

yes if your vehicle over heats

94 Chevy Suburban over heats within five minutes of running?

try changing the radiator cap or the thermostat. Both are cheap parts. less then $15 each. if neither of those work your radiator could be clogged or your water pump is bad. these answers are guessing that you do have it full of water and antifreeze.

Golf 4 gti overheats but radiator stays coolwhat could be the problem?

Your thermostat is stuck closed. you will need to replace it. The thermostat controls the circulation through the radiator - when the engine heats up the thermostat is meant to switch circulation from just-engine to engine+radiator. Sounds like this isn't happening.

Car starts to overheat when idling and heater does not blow hot air radiator fan does not kick on when car heats up what could be the problem?

either the thermostat or the fan is no good. You would need to locate the thermostat and see if its stuck open or closed!

Motor heats up no heat out of the heater not overheating?

Perhaps a bad thermostat and/or a heater core

1993 Isuzu Rodeo has a New thermostat housing gasket and thermostat and newer water pump but still over heats why?

try - heater - core - that was my p

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1998 4.0 liter jeep Cherokee over heats i changed water pump and radiator thermostat and still over heats?

Many times after a Jeep cooling system is repaired, air bubbles trapped in the system will cause a overheat situation. If it is a 4.0l, with the engine cool remove the heater hose that is connected to the thermostat housing and fill the cooling system with the engine off. When coolant starts coming out of the engine side the system is almost as full as it gets.

My 2001 blazer doesn't heat. Could it be the thermostat?

Your heater core could be plugged. I've had it happen to a 98 and an 01 S10 pickup. I flushed the core both directions and it heats like crazy now.

1992 Nissan sentra that over heats the radiator is good and so is the water pump what else could it be?

If the thermostat, and water pump are good,A bad head gasket will cause overheating

What could cause the car to over heat you put in a new water pump and thermostat and hose the fans are working but the car heat to 253 dgrees and over heats?

clogged radiator

2000 Chevy Malibu i raplaced the head gasket and the thermostat still heats up?

flush the system and change thermostat,this should fix problem. I flushed mine and i changed coolant and thermostat,it is now fine.

Your 19989 Chevy venture van temperature gauge heats up when the heat when the heat is not on it cools down when the heat is on what is the issue with the vanis it the fan or the thermostat?

needs a thermostat

When your 91 acura legend over heats why is the upper hose hot and the bottom cold?

thermostat is not opening.

1992 Pontiac bonniville engine over heats and quits?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

Radiator keeps blowing water back over heats?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket