After cyber jar effect the special summon monster can it attack?


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Yes of course. Special summoning never affects what can attack or not, unless specifically stated otherwise. You could normal summon and special summon a monster in main phase 1 and attack with both.

Yes as long as the special summon takes place before or during the battle phase. If you special summon in main phase 2 then that monster can't attack.

depends if the monster has any special conditions under "effects" if its a normal monster then yes you can attack after summoned if its an effect monster and it doesn't say anything where you have to wait then you can attack the same turn. Hope this helps

yes. monsters like giant rat or shining angel lets you summon a monster when they are destroyed by battle, so if you are battling and you attack and kill your own shining angel, you can summon another monster and attack with that one.

A normal summon is where you just summon a monster and NOT use its effect or ability, just its ATK and DEF. A special summon is where you summon a card and use its effect or ability. You can only special summon a card if you have another card saying that you can special summon a card, you cannot just going around special summoning every monster.

As long as you are Special Summoning before, or during the Battle Phase, then yes, that monster can attack.

Special Summoning from the Graveyard requires an effect that specifically allows you to do so. Call of the Haunted, as an example, allows a player to select and Special Summon one monster from their respective Graveyard in face-up Attack Position.

No, because the XYZ summon is a Special Summon that can only be performed in your Main Phases. So if you summon some monsters, and attack with them, then you have to enter main phase 2 before you can perform the XYZ summon. The XYZ monster then cannot attack. Or you can perform the XYZ summon straight away in main phase 1. That means the XYZ monster can attack, but the material monsters didn't get a chance to.

yes,but you cannot attack if you are the one who is first in the duel.

No. You can Normal Summon or Set a monster, meaning face-up attack or face-down defense, and Special Summon (unless specified on the card) a monster in attack or defense but face-up. The only way to get a monster into face-down attack position is through the old spell card Darkness Approaches.

Yes, you can attack with the Tribute Summoned monster unless a card effect tells it not to or it is after the Battle Phase.

A Synchro Summon is a special summon, so the summoned monster can be in attack or defence mode, just must be face up.

Yes. Like Cyber Dragon, Gorz 'can' special summon himself with his effect, but he is not a 'special summon only' monster, he can be tribute summoned with two tributes, if you want.

yes, but only monster cards. you can special summon it in face-up defense or attack position.

No. If a monster says it 'cannot be special summoned except by', then the listed method is the only way it can reach the field. By default, this summon is from the hand too. So, even if you properly special summon Dark Armed Dragon, and it goes to the graveyard, you cannot special summon it using either its own special summon effect, or the effect of cards like Monster Reborn.

You cannot tribute summon a monster in face up defense position. You can either tribute summon a monster in face down defense or face up attack position. If you want to summon in face up defense, you need to special summon.

A Normal Summon is face-up attack mode, a regular Set is face-down defence mode. You cannot Normal Summon or Flip Summon into face-up defence position unless an effect like Light of Intervention lets/makes you. Unless specified though, a Special Summon can be face-up attack or face-up defence position. However you can't special summon face-down unless an effect lets/makes you.

Tribute summons are performed in the main phases, as are synchro summons. So if you have an attack phase and attack with one monster, the only way you can use it as tribute for a tribute summon (or send it for a synchro summon) is to enter Main Phase 2. If you do this, then you won't be able to declare an attack with the new monster since you have left the battle phase. The only thing you could do really is use an effect that can Special summon while you are still in the battle phase.

YES!! Because you have both a main phase 1 and a main phase 2. If you do not summon a monster in main phase 1, enter your battle phase, complete your battle phase, then enter your main phase 2 and you can summon a monster with 4 stars or less unless it has a special effect or tribute the monster that already attacked. Unfortunately you will not be able to attack with the new monster until the next turn, but hey, thems the breaks.

No, Divine Wrath can only be used against effects that activate. Most of the time, when a monster has a way to special summon itself, this is an inherent special summon, just like a normal summon, it does not use the chain. Because it doesn't use the chain, you can't chain an effect negation card to it, though you can use summon negation cards like Solemn Judgment. If the special summon is an activated effect (like Dandylion's effect to special summon tokens, or Gorz's effect to summon himself) then these can be stopped using Divine Wrath. But Cyber Dragon's special summon cannot.

Not unless the special summoning effect specifically says you can, like The Shallow Grave does.

You may Flip Summon as many face-down monsters on your turn as you wish in your Main Phases when no card effects are in a chain. To Flip Summon, all you do is flip your monster from face-down Defense position into face-up Attack position.However, you can't Flip Summon a monster that you had summoned or set in the same turn. (So, if you summon a monster and a card effect flips it face-down, you can't Flip Summon it in the same turn). You also can't Flip Summon a monster that declared an attack that turn. (So, if your monster declared an attack and your opponent activated Book of Moon, then you can't Flip Summon your face-down monster in Main Phase 2.)

Elemental Hero Bubbleman says 'you can' special summon this card through his own effect. However that doesn't mean you can't Normal Summon or Set him either, or Special Summon him through other sources, like Monster Reborn.

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