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Most colleges and universities have done away with the old "GenEd" system and moved to a Liberal Arts segment. Means the same thing. Most people focus on their major, it is WHY you are going to school. The minor usually comes from one of two situations. A. You have enough credits, while working on your major, that you can complete a couple of extra courses and tack on a minor. Or B. You have a personal interest in an area outside of your major, so you take advantage of the school's oppurtunities to do some personal classes that leads to situation A. Many do both at the same time. Because advanced classes in your minor may have prerequisites, it wouldn't make sense to save them all for your final year. Begin taking classes in your major as soon a practical, but also add at least one class in your minor. (This is a great way to find out if you really like both, while you still have time to change your mind.)

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Q: After fulfilling their general education requirements do students concentrate on their major or minor first?
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