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The A/C and the Power Steering are two sperate systems, however they are driven by the same belt, and it makes sence if the belt snaped and flew of the pulleys if would make noise on its way out, and with out a belt powering the a/c compressor and the power steering pump, you lose both. So first thing I'd do is check that belt, either its broken or maybe the tensioner gave out and it's slipping, either's gotta be the belt that's the only way those two systems could fail at the same time, that belt is the only thing they share.-Sean, Ford Mechanic

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Q: After hearing some small item drop from your car maybe a bolt the air conditioner stopped cold air and you lost power steering Are they correlated 85 Nissan?
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What causes the steering wheel to jerk when starting a turn from stopped position?

Low Power Steering Fluid

Home air conditioner not blowing air?

Your air conditioner blower may have stopped working because the blower motor isn't working. You can replace the blower or replace the air conditioner.

Why Steering wheel vibrates when car stopped?

Motor is idling rough.

Why would the steering wheel shake when stopped?

This question can be referring to two separate conditions. If the steering shaking while the brake pedal is being applied the condition maybe warped rotors. If there is steering wheel play while the vehicle is stopped and or moving it is an indicator or worn or failed column components.

If compressor has failed will air conditioner run?

If the compressor has stopped running altogether the AC will not work.

Owner manual commercial cool portable air conditioner?

the unit stopped working completely - did it freeze up?

Where is air conditioner relay switch on 1999 Chevy s-10 air conditioner stopped throwing cold air suddenly?

My guess is the system is low on freon being 11 years old.

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it is I stopped there for three days and i couldnt get to sleep because i kept hearing noises

What can be wrong with your home's central air conditioner which stopped working but everything seems normal?

Have you checked the breaker outside by the unit

Why would the air conditioner stop working on a 2001 acura TL?

The air conditioner may have stopped working in a 2001 Acura TL because it needs Freon. It may also be a problem with a connection somewhere.

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Au Ford Falcon 1999 Horn stopped working and now radio control from steering wheel as stopped working Why and how do you fix it?


Unit is reading error 79 not cooling?

Trane Air conditioner has stopped cooling the thermostate is sending a error message 79

Why is a 1997 Dodge Dakota leaking from air conditioner system?

If you mean leaking water in the car then the drain is probably stopped up.

94 Toyota Camry stopped while drivingtry to turn right it went to left?

Something serious broke in the steering.

Why does my home air conditioner only blow heat?

Your compressor has possibly stopped working. If you are lucky, the serviceman will only have to replace the freon to get it going again.

Why is your ESP light on and your power steering has stopped working on a Honda Accord cf 4 why has this happened?

Check the fluid level in your power steering reservoir. The ESP light is on because there is a problem with the stability system. They have nothing in common.

1999 Mercury villager blinkers stopped working the fuse is fine What should you check next?

remove the large plastic shield under the steering wheel-something like 8 screws. The blinker is near the steering column.

Check engine light Jeep liberty electrical problems?

wipers,headlights,speedometer,door locks,air conditioner,electric mirrors, stopped working

The ignition key stopped turning 1987 Mercedes 190 it will not unlock the steering wheel orturn to start the car?

Your ignition switch crapped on you

Where is the Dodge Intrepid fuss box for ep27 flasher?

Turn on the signal and listen for the clicking noise. If it is still clicking occasionally then you can follow the noise and feel where it is located. If it has totally stopped then look on top of the steering column behind the steering wheel.

Where is the windshield wiper knob on a 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle?

It's on your steering column. VW stopped putting them in button form on the dash in 67

What causes the steering column makes a whining noise when turning at low speeds or stopped?

You might need to flush your power steering fluid system. What causes this whining or sizzling noise is the hydraulic bar getting stuck which a driver doesn't feels in its rack. or if your car recently visited a ditch or hot a side walk really hard, these factors can effect your steering rack and steering Coulomb.

What would cause the steering wheel to vibrate when turned left or right in a stopped position?

The power steering system works on high pressure and at idle the pump does not turn fast enough to provide full assist. It requires a higher engine rpm.

Why does truck turn off when making a turn?

It turned off the road onto another road because you turned the steering wheel. But if you mean the engine stopped, you probably have a bare wire in the steering column casing a short which turns off the ignition

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