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I am surprised he hasn't kissed you yet. Perhaps he's shy. Perhaps you've been missing the signals. Next time you are out watch him. If he brings his face close to yours, then you kiss him! Nothing wrong with that. Some guys are just awkward and shy and have a fear of being rejected. Good luck Marcy I have been dating him for a month, and I have just recently noticed that he will stare at me and I have been saying, "What?". I think that might mean that he was thinking about it until I say that. Do you think he will keep trying to kiss me or have I missed my chance? Thanks for any help. He should have already kissed you he must be shy. Maybe you should kiss him. Usually kissing is in the first week of dating. So, if he hasn't kissed me in the first week of dating, does that mean that he doesn't feel that strong about me? We do hold hands (in private, not in public yet) and he tickles me and jokes around with me a lot. We also have great communication and talk a lot. I would not want to kiss him because if he wasn't ready and he rejected me, I would feel mortified! Is there anyway that I can show him without telling him that I wouldn't mind being kissed? Thanks for any help. Months!!??? If you are over 16 and have had at least 4 dates, then a kiss is appropriate if the feelings are mutual. It is a little odd, but if we sit still long enough to think kissing is actually difficult to master. Some people are terrified of the first kiss and many young woman make the comment of "he kisses great" which puts added stress on a guy. A guy has to figure out what type of kiss the girl would like (and all girls are different) and he could very easily make a mistake. The pressure is simply on! You kiss him! I had to kiss my husband (when we were going together) because he was so shy and felt very awkward. Nothing wrong with that!

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Q: After how many months of dating a guy should he kiss you?
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