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Yes, for a woman, bleeding is normal after the first time she has sex. However, not every woman bleeds when she loses her virginity, but many do. After that, it would only be normal to bleed if there is an injury or menstruation.

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Q: After losing virginty is it normal to bleed?
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Is it ok if you bleed why losing virginty?

No if you are a guy, yes, a little if you are a girl.

Do guys bleed when they lose their virginty?

Under normal circumstances, no.

Does oral count as losing your virginty?


How long after losing your virginity do you usually bleed?

Yes. It's very normal.

Is it normal that you bleed 2 weeks after losing your virginity?

No, it's not normal and you should seek medical attention if this happens.

How long is it normal to bleed after losing your virginity?

It's not normal to bleed at all, the idea that you should bleed the first time is a myth.It is possible to bleed any time you have sex if it is rough or forced, but there's nothing about the first time specifically that would mean that you would have to bleed at all.

What color blood when you lose you virginty?

The Blood colour that individual has at the time of losing virginity.

How much bleeding comes from losing your virginty?

Depends on the durability of your hymen, as well as other factors.

Can you lose virginty at 11?

Losing your virginity can happen at any age. It is not supposed to happen with children, but it does.

Do we get virginty again after losing it?

Virginity means that you never had sex - so obviously the answer is no.

Is it normal to bleed when you have popped your cherry?

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. It differs for people.

If you lost your virginty then you started to bleed and continued to bleed 5 days prior to the date you had sex but still had sex 4 times after and he came inside of you all times could u be pregnant?

Anything is possible.... dum dum dum!

How about the other girls connot getting bleed for the first time sex. this a nornal or no?

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. Both is normal.

Is it normal for young rabbits to bleed?

Depends if they bleed out of its mouth than it needs the vet but it is normal for a baby rabbit to bleed out of its bottom.

Is it mandatory to bleed when losing virginity?

No, not everyone does.

Do men bleed while losing their virginity?

No I did not

How many days is normal to bleed in six weeks of pregnancy?

It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy.

What is the difference between internal and normal bleeding?

Internal bleeding is when you bleed on the inside as where normal bleeding is where you bleed on the outside

Is losing your virginity painful?

no.. u might bleed for the first time, but it's normal.. have fun..!! hurts to pea for like 2 days. but its worht it!!!

Is it normal to bleed when you pee after sex for a couple days?

it is totally normal for you to bleed after peeing after sex, you obviouslly do it too much or he has just hit a certain spot and it makes you bleed, totally normal.

Is it normal for your penis to bleed?

It is not normal for the penis to bleed. If you haven't accidentally hurt or cut it then visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

Is it normal to have a period twice a month and bleed heavy and when have a bowel movement you bleed?

is it normal to have a period twice a month and bleed when you had a bowel movement or and bleed heavy and think you pregnant is it because of sex but doing in rectum

Is it necessary to bleed when losing virginity?

No, it all depends on the individual, not everyone bleeds after losing their virginity.

Do all girls bleed after losing their virginity?

No, it depends on the individual, not everyone bleeds after losing their virginity.

Is it normal for your ears to bleed when you stretch them out with plugs?

its never supposed to bleed and if they do your stupid