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I'd use compressed air to blow the area where I saw anti freeze completely dry. Run it up and see if it returns, then you'll know if it's residual or freshly leaked.

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What is the water pressure in a well tank?

The water pressure depends on the residual air pressure in the tank. Normally it should be between 30 -50-psi.

How does water get into an air pressure tank?

If you mean a well tank, the water is forced in by the pump. The residual air pressure pushes the water out to the faucets.

How do you increase your well water pressure?

- The pump has no bearing at all on the water pressure. Your household pressure id determined by the residual air pressure in the tank, and the pressure switch settings. Any well technician can get any pressure you wish up to about 80 psi without touching the pump.

How much pressure should my water tank bladder have?

The water pressure depends on the residual air pressure in the tank. Normally it should be between 30 -50-psi. Tank air pressure is important, it should be about 27-29 when water is nearly empty.

What is a residual lake?

Lakes which are made by residual rocks which are left after weathering and erosion and form the residual lakes.

What is meant by residual volume with reference of breathing?

Exhalation is a passive action that results from elastic recoil and changes in air pressure. When this happens naturally a portion of air remains within the lungs- residual volume. However when exhalation is forced, that is conscious efforts to expel as much air as possible, many of the residual volume can be forced out of the lungs.

What is the definition of residual hills?

a hill that is residual hahahah

When the brake pedal is suddenly released a residual check valve provides enough pressure to hold the wheel cylinder cups?

away from the piston.

How much gasoline will flow through a 5 foot section of three eights inch pipe at 6 lbs residual pressure?

A lot.

Who does Residual income of a firm belongs to?

The residual income of the firm belongs to

How does pulmonary fibrosis affect residual volume?

It decreases Residual Volume

What is a normal operating pressure of a fire hydrant at the nozzle when operational?

It varies. I have seen a range of between 50 psi to 225 psi. It is affected by distance, size of water lines and their configuration and elevation change from source to the hydrant, as well as the type of pressurization, gravity or pump. On average though 80 to 100 psi. Of course a larger nozzle would decrease the residual pressure while a smaller nozzle would tend to increase residual pressure. 125 psi is about the maximum pressure for a "hand line" in order to be manageable.

The residual income of the firm belongs to?

residual income belongs to the common stockholders.

What is the residual volume of a human?

The residual volume of a normal human is 1500 ml

How are residual mountains formed?

Residual mountains are formed by the plates in the earth moving

Why is it important that they look after the residual powers?

Residual power can build up and overcome.

Give an example of a residual mountain found in Africa?

residual mountains in africa

What is the Risk remaining after controls have been identified and selected?

It is residual risk

What is residual paralysis?

Residual is leftover, and paralysis is inability to move; so residual paralysis is a leftover inability to move after partial recovery. For example, most people with Bell's Palsy recover, but some complain of residual paralysis.

What are residual solvents?

residual solvents are leftovers that form a solution, toxic or non-toxic

The residual pressure in a can is 1.46 ATM when it is sitting on a shelf at 23 C If the can is placed on top of the furnace where the temperature reaches the boiling point of water what is the presure?

1.839797297 atm

How to reduce residual magnetism?

to reduce residual magnetism a separate softiron should rub upon it.

How do you use the word residual in a sentence?

The residual smell was still in the kitchen from last nights dinner.

What is the definition of Residual Engineering?

Residual engineering I think is the thought and kinetic process of recycling energy.

Define residual hills?

the hard rocks left behind after erosion are called residual hills.