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I believe that you should read the maximum ride sereies, it is a great way to let time fly while reading! I would also say reading a sad story would help, such as the lake house, or my sisters keeper. They are both sad The Legend of Drizzt series written by R.A. Salvatore is an amazing Action/Fantasy series. Also the Midnighters trilogy by Scott Westerfeld is kind of like a Fantasy/Horror series. There are gazillions of amazing books for teens out there, be sure to keep your eyes open! Below is a list of a few books, the majority series. # Artemis Fowl (series) - these books are somewhat difficult to "get into" usually and contain a broad language that can be rather obtrusive. # Alex Rider (series) - typically similar to James Bond, excellently written, recommended for teenage boys. # The Droughtlanders (series) - fantasy/mythical, although these are from the perspective of males, they are more intended towards a female audience. # A Great and Terrible Beauty (series) - this is the first in a series by Libba Bray, they are set in the Victorian era and is a combination of fantasy and realistic fiction (in a sense) # The Uglies, The Pretties, The Specials, The Extras (series) - set far ahead in the future and written by a male author, this is an unbelievable series, females alike are bound to enjoy. # Gossip Girl (series) - these books contain somewhat mature content and centre mostly around clothes and are extremelly unrealistic, however they are a good tool for escapism (It Girl) # Eragon, Eldest, Bringr (series) - These are long reads and do take a while to get through, however they do contain plenty of twists to keep you gripped. # Children of the Red King (series) by Jenny Nimmo. It may be addressed as Charlie Bone, but they'r e the same thing. The series follows Charlie as he aids those who have been persecuted by the Bloors, and searches for clues to his father's disappearance many years ago. If you are into the fantasy type boks, I highly recommend the Artemis Fowl series, by Eoin Colfer and also, although it is not fantasy, the Alex Rider series, by Anthony Horowitz. I love Alex Rider books. Try The Gatekeepers series, by Anthony Horowitz, the Inkdeath Trilogy by Corelia Funke, Children of the Lamp, by P.B. Kerr. There are plenty of good Fantasy Books. I search Amazon when I don't know what to read next and when I find a book that sounds good, I borrow it from the Public Library. Also, I highly recomend The Bartemues Trilogy, by Jonathon Stroud. i really liked the evernight series, vampire academy series, and the vampire diaries series

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Do you recommend reading twilight?

yes because the books are more desriptive than the films

What is the most popular book series ever?

Totally the cherub series it's so popular i recommend reading it!! The maximum ride series is pretty good, so is the alex rider and twilight

What Accelerated Reading level is 'Twilight'?

The reading level is 4.9

Why you will recommend book twilight?

I would recommend it because it is a thriller, with something exciting happening every few pages. it is a romance, but the book is very evenly written. I loved reading it.

Did they release the movie based on the novel 'Twilight'?

they did base it on the book but it's not exactly like the book so I would recommend reading the book it has way more stuff in it then the movie.

Who is casting in twilight Breaking Dawn and when is breaking dawn coming out and is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in twilight breaking dawn?

definite yes to the last one, i recommend reading the books!

How do you read the book twilight?

by reading

Is The Twilight Saga a reading counts?

The entire twilight saga has reading counts tests on them its just based on weather or not your school has bought the tests

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The exact reading level of twilight for a project can you help me?

the reading level of twilght is 5.3

What is a great book that you cannot stop reading?

twilight im reading it rite now

What is the plot diagram for twilight?

get a book and start reading..

Which Twilight book are you reading now?

i read all of them 5 times and I'm reading ((again)) Twilight, new moon, eclipse, and i am on chapter 6 of breaking dawn

How does the novel Pretties compare with twilight?

Pretties is more of a sci-fi novel, while Twilight is more of a love story. I've read both books, and I liked Pretties, but didn't continue reading the series because I got bored, lol. I LOVED the Twilight series, and I would recommend you read that instead. Hoped this helped! :)

Do you understand the Twilight movies without reading the Twilight books?

yes because both are the same things

What is the maximum reading on the barrel scale?


Can you start off by reading book 5 in Maximum Ride?

Not really. You're really missing a lot. Fang and Max's relationship and Ari. I recommend you read all of them. You won't regret it.

How many AR points does twilight have?

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is worth 18 points. The reading level is 4.9. It is the first book in the Twilight Saga.

What novel was Bella reading in the Twilight book?

Bella was reading the novel Wuthering heights in the book Twiligh.t

When will the showing of twilight end in the reading cinemas?

another year

What is the average age of someone reading Twilight?

10 years+

What is the record time for reading the twilight series?

4 days

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Suggested reading books for developmental reading?

NOT Twilight. Get some Harry Potter books, they are much more accepted.

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