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Not only starvation, but too much fuel can do the same. Is the check engine light on? I would consider looking at basics such as fuel filter, carbon build up for starters, unless they are current. Probably not that simple, but not a waste of time either.

2006-07-05 00:44:34
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Should the motor on a bathroom fan be hot to the touch after running for a few minutes?


What is the difference between motor and hydraulic motor?

electro running on electric and hydraulic running o hydraulic

How do you use the word running in a sentence?

Keep the motor running! Running is good exercise.

What voltage is suitable for running a 180 kw motor?

380v 60 hz is suitable for running 180kw induction motor

What would cause a 93 Chevy truck heater and air vents to shut off after about 10 minutes The blower motor is still running strong and new blower motor and resistor installed?

You may have a vacuum leak

What does torque of a motor mean?

It is the twisting force that a motor can produce when it is running.

What happens if single phasing occurs when a motor is running?

motor stops

Does the motor text control running?

The part of the brain known as the motor cortex controls all voluntary movements, including running.

What makes the motor shake when the engine is running?

Possibly a bad motor mount

Why does a heater blower have a humming noise when the motor is running?

If the heater blower has humming noise when motor is running, first check its capacitor. If the capacitor is fine, then the motor is the problem and may need to be replaced.

Does the car have to be running to add motor oil?

NO !

Does antifreeze get hot when the motor is running?


How much emf is needed for running a dc motor?

It depends entirely on the design of the motor.

Where is the reset button on the power window motor located on a 2003 maxima?

Pull door panel. Locate PW motor. There should be a black 1 1/2" circular resealable, peel off cover on the metal door panel by the motor. Peel it back....button is underneath. Must do the resetting with the motor running. Hold button while running window up and down several times. May take 15 minutes to get it right. Once the window sets........shut engine, wait 5 minutes and check. Do it again if it did not re-learn. This was just done on my 2003 Altima

What do the neurons of the motor pathway control?

Motor pathway neurons control your motor skills such as walking, running, lifting your arm.

How many watts does a motor need to run for 30 minutes?

75 kw motor

What generates heat when the motor is running?

The frictional losses and the resistive losses generate heat in a motor

Which motor does a jackhammer have?

Running from a compressor, a pneumatic motor. Others use electric or petrol motors.

How do you test for starting and running windings on a 220volt AC motor?

how to test starting and running windings

Can you reverse the motor if it is running in star or delta?


What form of energy does running motor produce?


What percent of rated motor current is normal running current?

The FLA of a motor is the amperage that the motor operates at. So to answer the question, 100%.

What would make a squeel with belt off and motor running?

A worn belt can make a squealing sound with the motor running. A seized clutch can also make this sound.

What happens if field winding of a running dc shunt motor suddenly breaks open?

when the field winding of a running dc shunt motor suddenly breaks open the motor fails to run because in the motor the stationary winding is armature and rotatory is field winding

What's causing your AC to keep running when you turn off the engine 1990 Ford F150?

The blower motor will operate when the key is in run regardless of whether the motor is running. The AC itself is not operating as the compressor is turned by the motor.