After talking to Cresselia and going to Marine resort team raider is at the beach what should you do?

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How do you unlock the marine resort?

when manaphy comes back from the sea, it asks you if it could join your team(level 40) then the next day (or so) manaphy tells you about marine resort(if you say yes)

How do you get marine resort?

firstly you must defeat darkrai then when your life goes back to normal in the game do some jobs (1 per day) and on the fourth day chatot will be telling you manaphy has returned. you will talk with manaphy and he wants to join your team (say yes to let him into your team .you must say yes). then af ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock marine resort?

In order to unlock marine resort you MUST beat Darkrai then GTS(short for go to sleep)for three days then Chatot will come running by telling you that Manaphy is at the beach waiting for you he ask if he could join your team say yes then GTS for three more days then Manaphy will tell you about it!:) ( Full Answer )

Where did cresselia go?

its starts roaming the map of sinnoh.. exactly like mesprit did. Just cresselias harder to catch!

Why is team raider at the beach?

Team Raider is at the beach because Digletts dad, Dugtrio, was training at the shore and he was drowning so when Team Raider got there they saved Dugtrio . After that i don't know what happens, Sorry:( If anyone knows please post the answer to: "what do you do after Team Raider is at the ( Full Answer )

What is Marine resort?

It is a place where you can find a lot of is also a place for weak pokemon. it is 19 floors ;-)

What college should you go to to be a marine biologist?

You can obtain this information by going to and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links section (College Board) indicated below this answer box, which will take you directly to the site. You can research colleges and ( Full Answer )

How can you go to marine resort?

You first have to recruit Manaphy and do a couple of jobs. A few days later Manaphy will wake you up and tell you about Marine Resort.

Where to go to find Cresselia?

In Canalave city after a while the sailor of the boat's son gets sick. The sailor will ask you for help and take you to crescent island where you will find cresselia when you battle cresselia it will run away and you can use your marking map to follow it pick up the item underneath where cresselia w ( Full Answer )

How do you get team raider to go to wigglytuff?

Sorry, but you can't. It turns out that they just stay there forsome odd reason. I think it's because ifyou were to talk to wigglytuff after you finished the game, he saysthat you will be as successful as the incredible team raider. Andif you were to talk to one of the members of team raider, th ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you beat Marine Resort?

nothing really although you can now recruit the Pokemon that needed the marine resort to be recruit although you need the secret slap or the mystrey part

What should you do if your boyfriend is going into the Marines?

Support him and his decisions no matter what. Or: Consider something from Tammy Wyenette like " Stand By Your Man". Or: Try a listen to Englebert Humperdink doing " Please Release Me". Or: Consider the Patti Page, Dean Martin or Hank Snow version of " Let Me Go Lover ( Full Answer )

If you have your period at the beach should you go in the water?

You dont have to go in the water but eventually your period will stop once your in water because when you take a shower your period stops until you get out and ive experienced to get in the water in the beach your period will stop until you leave the water then it would come back hope this helped do ( Full Answer )

Should you go to the beach today?

it depends were your from but in mosts parts of England its going to be 27 degrees today. so i would!!

How do you evolve after marine resort?

you should have manaphy, creslia and palkia if you don't have palkia go back to spacial drift and recruit him by beating him

Should you use your masterball on Cresselia?

Because she runs away everytime , if you're willing to give it up for her, yes . If not, get a level 100 Trapinch from the desert so she can't run because of it's ability , but then it's another thing to actually catch her, and to actually catch a Trapinch with the ability , and when you ( Full Answer )

How do you get marine resort in pmd sky?

A few days after you beat Darkrai (the last major part of the game), Manaphy will return to you from "Mr. Walrein" all grown up and will ask to join your team. If you say yes, then a few days 2-3 days after that, Manaphy will approch you in the morning and tell you about the marine resort. It has di ( Full Answer )

How many beach resorts are there in the world?

There are lots of beach resorts in the world, but according to me,some of the best are Beach Class Resort in Brazil, Bora Bora LagoonResort in French Polynesia, Hayman in Australia, Little Dix Bay inBritish Virgin Islands, Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc in France, FourSeasons Resort Maui at Wailea in Hawa ( Full Answer )

Do you need riolu to go to marine resort to in explorers of sky?

I started with Riolu and went to the Marine Resort (18F). I'm gonna say no? Is there any glitches in your game? Does anything freeze? That could be the problem or somewhat. Sorry for this, I usually know lots of stuff about Sky..But I could answer any of your other questions. ~NexusRiolu~

What is a good beach resort in Florida?

The Reach, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Key West, Florida is a good one. Edgewater Beach Hotel, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Naples, Florida is another good one.

Where is a good beach resort in Hawaii?

That depends on what types of amenities you are looking for and which Island you are interested in. There are many hotels in many price ranges. One really affordable hotel in the Kona Beachside resort.

What MOS should you go for in the Marines?

I ASKED THIS QUESTION** but don't know how to add extra detail. Anyways, I just got processed and made it through MEPS, and I qualified for infantry. I want to fight, but I also want to rank up... Also I would like Crew chief in a helicopter, but I'd rather be on the ground. Any suggestions?

What to do after visiting the marine resort?

Sadly...the game is over after you vist Marine Resort. However, oyu can now evolve, and if you want to do more things to the game you can recruit legendarys like Dialga, Palkia, Masprit, ect.

Where are all the treasure chests on go vacation in the marine resort?

One is in the bay at the bottom right of the map. What you have to do is go up the left grassy bank until you are on the top of the cliff. Use an atv and line yourself up so that you are facing the sea. Look for the tall rock which has a grassy ledge. Accelerate and jump off the cliff onto the ledge ( Full Answer )

Should you go to the beach or the pool?

If you don't like seaweed then go to the pool, but if you don't mind seaweed and fish then go to the beach! Beaches are so much fun. Although, pools are really fun as well! So it is all up to you.... I'm sorry if that doesn't help you at all so take a vote. See if the pool overpowers the beach or th ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of beach resort?

Overpriced everything - more expensive food, drinks, crafts, gifts, attractions and tours that you can pay much less for outside of the resort. Another disadvantage is having to share the facilities with people you may not like. For example if you are a mature couple looking for some quiet relaxatio ( Full Answer )

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The Beaches Negril Resort is located in Negril, Jamaica. Beaches is a chain of all-inclusive resorts with multiple locations in Jamaica and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

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Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center is located in the Tampa Bay area of St Petersburg, Florida. Apart from accommodation, they offer services such as weddings, water sports and child friendly activities.

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Brazil is such famous and beautiful travel destination in the whole world. Beach class resort is popular beach resort in Brazil. The various features and services provided by a resort make the stay of the guests unforgettable and memorable.

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The Luperon Beach Resort's room amenities are climate controls, air conditioning, balcony, patios, phone, private bathrooms, complimentary toiletries, In-room safe, desk, and electronic/magnetic keys. As far as the whole resort, the amenities are arcade/game rooms, bar/lounge, concierge desk, curren ( Full Answer )

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