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It takes about 3 hours for the sperm to fully enter the egg.

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Q: After the sperm enters your vagina how long will it take to conceive?
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If dry sperm enters the vagina can you get pregnant?

Sperm cannot live outside the body for very long, but there is a minute possibility that some could survive in this scenario long enough to cause pregnancy.

Does the penis need to enter the vagina before you get pregnant?

Yes, in principal, but as long as sperm enters the vagina then there is a chance of a pregnancy. The penis could ejaculate just outside the vagina and sperm may seep inside quickly thus causing pregnancy. This is why the withdrawl method (removing the penis from the vagina at the point of climax) of contraception is not flawless. Besides this, the penis can leak sperm into the vagina before withdrawl and climax.

How long can sperm live in the vagina after intercourse?

Sperm can live and be active in the vagina for at least three days.

How long can sperm live inside the vagina?

Inside the vagina, a sperm can live for up to five days depending on the conditions.

In order to get pregnant does the guys sperm have to stay inside the girls vagina?

No...The sperm cell do not actually stays long in the vagina because it is acidic...the males produces a liquid to protect the sperm when it travels through the vagina

How long does a sperm survivie?

till it goes in the vagina

If sperm lands on the vagina but is wiped off immediately can you get pregnant?

Sperm has to enter the vagina in order to get pregnant. Even if the sperm makes it in it has a long hard journey to make it to the egg.

How long can sperm survive in a woman's vagina?

50 years.

How long does a sperm cell live inside the vagina?


Is it safe to leave sperm inside vagina when the partner is pregnant?

Sure. As long as it's your partner's vagina.

Do you have to be nude to get pregnant?

as long as the penis enters the vagina.. it doesn't matter what you wear.

If sperm is found on the outer lips of the vagina could on get pregnant even if you take a bath immediately after that?

as long as none of the sperm entered the vagina then one would not get pregnant

Can a girl get pregnant when the penis touches the outer part of the vagina?

Yes. As long as sperm is in/near the vagina she can get pregnant.

How long sperm remain in vagina after intercourse?

about 3-5 days

How long does the egg stay in the vagina during ovulation?

The egg never enters the vagina. It goes no further than into the uterus (womb).

How long are you supposed to hold sperm in your vagina to become pregnant?

You don't "hold" sperm. It is deposited there during sex and will stay alive within a vagina for 5-6 days.

How long can sperm survive on a FINGER?

Sperm can live outside of the vagina anywhere from a few minuets to a few hours.

How long can sperm stay alive if collected in a sealed container?

how long can sperm stay alive if kept in a sealed container until incerting into the vagina?

How long can sperm live inside the vagina in the presence of an IUD?

5 days

How long do sperm survive in the body if they are not used?

When sperm has been ejaculated into the vagina, it can remain active for up to 5 days.

How long can sperm survive in a human vagina?

sperm can stay inside the vaginal flora for 3 days or 72 hours.

Could it be medically possible to conceive a baby in a toilet?

Doesn't matter what position you are in as long as the semen goes into the vagina.

How long does a sperm cell live?

Sperm can live inside the vagina up to 5 days. However outside of the vagina they only live for a few minuets to a few hours when the oxygen hits them.

How long can sperm live on the outside of the vagina?

Sperm in the cervical mucus of a woman's vagina can survive for up to seven days. Without the cervical mucus to both nourish and protect the sperm, the sperm will die within one-half to four hours. Anyone who has touched semen should - wash and dry - or at least wipe off-before touching the vulva or vagina.

If sperm touches the leg can it travel to the vagina and impregnate her?

Sperm have a very short life span inside the testes and scrotum, which are specifically designed to keep sperm alive, so outside of it, they don't last long. Even if the sperm is "deposited" on the inner thigh close to the vagina, it's pretty much impossible to get her pregnant without it depositing it directly into the vagina.