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I'm not sure exactly what is causing the car to shut off.But I can almost bet it'sdefenantly a electrical part ofsome kind. My best guess I wouldsay your altanator is causingyour problem. If this car is newit should still be under warrantyI wouldn't do any thing to it ifit was. I would take it in to berepaired. There's a chance that you could of fried the computer to.When you jump a car put the blacknegative cable on on the frame orengine get it grounded then put the the red positive cable on the battery terminal. Do this for bothcars. When you unhook them do itin reverse order red cable firstthen black cable. I have even seensome car makers tell you not tojump a car because of the sensetive electrical parts. I believe you can if you do it right. I've jump alot of cars withthe method I described I've neverhad any problems. You must be careful not to short anything out.

Yes your computer took a hit (very common when jumping newer cars)You'll need to take it in to reset or possible replace your computer.

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Q: After you gave someone a jump with a brand new car you are now having problems like the car turning off at times what would cause this?
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