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Found this direct quote from another person experiencing the same "turn signal noise" that seems to be infamous with the grand am. Now depending on your car model the location of this box might be different but now that you know what you are looking for maybe it will help you.

"The fix for this is easy and free. The problem is caused by contaminated grease which has bridged contacts of the multifunction switch. This cause a short circuit which cause the hazard flasher to cycle. You need a #25 torx and a # 10 torx. Remove the 3 #25 torx screws which hold plastic surrounding the steering column. Remove the plastic. Remove the 25 torx screw on the top of the multi function switch. Detatch the wiring connectors. Remove the multifunction switch. Use the #10 torx to remove all the #10 torx screws. Remove the cover and clean the grease off the contacts and copper switch plate.You will notice grease has bridged the some of the slots in switch plate. Clean it up and regrease. reverse steps to reinstall. Notice the metal peice protruding from the multi function as it facing you. This is the turn signal reset switch. When you turn this is what resets the turn signal when the wheels straighten. This needs to be pushed in so no more than 1/8 " is protruding. If you don't do this before reinstalling your horn may go off when ever you move the steering wheel after reinstallation. This whole job should take 20- 45 minutes based on your mechanical apptitude."

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Q: After you turn your signal off the car still makes a clicking sound like it is still on but the lights aren't on why is that?
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What makes the clicking sound When you turn on your turn signal?

the flasher relay.

What causes a clicking sound when turning right in your truck?

the clicking sound is the blinker. when you signal to turn with your blinker the light flashes and makes a clicking sound.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1991 Subara Loyale located and what type is it can not find it Turn signal light stays on all the time and will not flash?

Flasher is under the dash, drivers side, follow the clicking sound the signal makes when turned on. That sound comes from the flasher. If signal is staying on it could be you have a bulb or two out. Check your signal lights before replacing the flasher.

Your car makes a clicking sound on the front end as you turn right or left?

press the turning signal idiot

2003 grand am has a clicking noise. the noise is a very fast click same noise it makes when turn signal and hazerd are usesd slows down when signal or hazerd lights are on?

Ya mine does that also every time I drive. NOTE TO SELF: NEVER BUY AMERICAN TRASH AGAIN!!!

2000 Honda accord when you went to start it this morning it makes a clicking noise coming from the hood the lights flicker and eventually come on but the car dont start and that clicking noise is the?

stater or silanoid

Your 1992 Explorer won't start it just makes a clicking sound no lights?

A click and no lights is an indication of a loose battery cable. Also, the battery may have a dead cell and won't take/hold a charge.

1979 Dodge B200 Sportsman V8 brake pedal makes all signal lights come on with brake lights the hazards or signals don't work on their own could it be a flasher?

On the 1979 B200 Sportsman V8 if the brake pedal makes all signal lights come on and hazards and flashers do not work on their own, it could be the flasher, but the culprit could also be a burned out bulb or a short in the wiring.

Why does my 1999 Lincoln Town Car make a clicking sound like the turn signal lamps that is coming from under the dash randomly when the ignition switch is on or the car running?

google "multifunction switch" -- basically, it's a buildup of grease in the housing of your turn signal stalk which activates the circuit and makes that clicking sound even when the signal is off. The fix-it solution is to open the housing and clean the grease off the contacts.

Why wont your ford f150 2004 start all lights and ect work it just makes a clicking noise?

That is a sign or dead battery or battery terminals are corroded

Locate a turn signal switch 99 durango?

The turn signal switch is directly under the steering wheel. the flasher...(the device that makes the lights blink and is activated by the turn signal switch) is usually under the steering column between the column and pannel

My 96 olds aurora wont start it makes no clicking noises at all it has all lights all power It started fine when we bought it yesterday but not now...?

Ignition switch

When you try to start your truck it makes a clicking noise and the lights get dim the more you try to start it the dimmer they get what could be the problem?

Weak battery or starter motor shorted out internally.

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central airconditioner makes a clicking noise when running? any idea what to check?

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1994 Camry and when you turn it over it just makes a clicking sound like a machine gun Is it the starter The lights and radio works?

Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cable?

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How do you fix a turn signal indicator that no longer makes the clicking sound on a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country?

Sounds like you need a new flasher unit. Take it to your dealer. You should have a warranty on it. I guess you need to be more clear. Is it not clicking when it flashes or doesn't it click when you move the lever? If it's not clicking when it's flashing you need to get a flasher and install it down in the fuse block.

Y when i put the 2002 cavalier into drive it makes a clicking noise in the fusebox and the light with the wrinch comes on?

I have a used '02 Cavalier. I finally figured out that the previous owner disengaged the automatic running lights. If I manually turn on the headlights when I start up, before the clicking sound stops, that little wrench light doesn't come on. If you turn on the headlights after the clicking, then you're stuck looking at the light. Hope that helps. The clicking is the computer registering a problem, the wrench on the dash is Service Vehicle. This goes hand in hand with the BCM, body contol module which monitors your lights, brake lights, headlights, etc. Check all of your bulbs and i can guarantee one is out.

What makes the blinker sound when blinker is activated?

The turn signal flasher is what makes the noise and lets the turn signal flash.