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In "The Hiding Place," despite the horrors that surround them, Etsie says, "Give thanks in all circumstances." As a result of the horrible situation that has left the women exhausted and starving, she prays to God.

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Who is Betsie in relation to Corrie ten Boom?

Betsie is Corrie's older sister.

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When does betsie die in the hiding place?

Betsie died at the consitration camp hospital because she became very weak due to her hard labor and desease from flea bites

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Who are main characters in the hiding place?

Corrie, Betsie, and Ten Boom

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Who where corrie ten booms sitters and bother names?

Nollie, Betsie, and Williem

Who are the characters of The Hiding Place?

Betsie, Corries Ten Boom, Peter, Pickwick and Flip

Who are the character in the hiding place?

Corrie Ten Boom, Betsie, Peter, Pickwick, Flip

What are other characteristics of Betsie ten Boom?

As described in Corrie ten Boom's autobiography "The Hiding Place", Betsie was very serious about her faith and she loved Jesus. She had a heart for not only the Jewish people who perished, but also for the guards/Nazis for being misled.

What are the characters in the hiding place by Corrie ten Boom?

Corrie Ten Boom, Betsie and many....

Did corrie ten boom have a sister?

Yes. She had two sisters and one brother: Nollie, Betsie and Willem

What happened to Corrie when she began trying harder to take care of Betsie and protect the two of them?

it only got worse

How did Betsie Ten Boom die?

I believe that Betsie ten Boom died from sickness and weakness caused by Nazi mis-treatment at Ravensbruck prison camp in Germany. The camp was stressful for all, including the strong and weak. Betsie was not one of the strong and the conditions brought her down. Personally I believe that she translated from being sick and dying to being in the presence of the Lord. Before her death, she was having visions and knowledge from the Lord about the future. Her release as well as her sister (Corrie ten Boom) occured before the end of the year just as the Lord told her. In Betsie's release it was from her sick body to the Spirit in the Lord. Corrie had to wait many years to be released from her body. From the book The Hiding Place you can come to know Betsie and her godly personality. If other women could have such a relationship with the Lord as Betsie did, they would gain considerably and others could see light from the Lord. Best to all of you that profess Jesus as Lord and to all He has called.

How did corrie and betsie show gods love at the concentration camp?

When the German soldier beat them, they don't hate them, and even forgive them.

What year was corrie ten boom released?

Corrie ten Boom's family was imprisoned for most of 1944. They were arrested by the Nazis on February 28, 1944, and Corrie and her sister Betsie ended up in the Ravensbruck concentration camp where Betsie died on December 16, 1944 (age 59). Corrie was released on or about December 30.

Where did Corrie Ten Boom's sister die?

Betsie ten Boom died in the Ravensbrück concentration camp hospital at the end of 1944.

What sister was Corrie ten Boom in concentration camp with?

Corrie ten Boom was in concentration camp with her sister named Betsie ten Boom.