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Age and value of Winchester model 70 375 hh magnum serial 253152?



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According to the Shooting Times "Book of the Winchester, Models 70 and 94" (Shooting Times, 2007), p.136, a Model 70 with a serial number of 252,523 would have been manufactured in 1953.

As a "pre-64" (pre-1964 manufactured) Model 70 it is worth more than a more recently manufactured rifle, especially now that Winchester is no longer producing firearms at its old New Haven plant. This is because quality is considered to have declined with the year 1964, and certain features, such as controlled-feed, were no longer offered.

According to this publication (p.109), a standard grade Model 70 in .375 H&H Magnum caliber, produced between 1946 and 1963, would be worth about $1,325 in 60% condition, $1,975 in 90% condition, and $2,850 in 100% new-in-the-box condition.

To ascertain condition, use the Photo Percentage Grading System, available at Under "Information," click on "Photo Percentage Grading System." Use the same site if you want to order the Blue Book of Gun Values itself; it is availabe in book, CD, and download versions.

The Shooting Times "Book of the Winchester" is a magazine-format publication. It includes newly-written information on both the Model 70 and Model 94, as well as a number of reprints of related articles from gun magazines from 1962 to 2002. I couldn't find it on the Shooting Times website; I got my copy at Borders books.