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Q: Age that you can stop wearing a life jacket?
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What age do you not have to wear a life jacket in Florida?

10 years old

What is the youngest age you don't have to wear a life jacket while boating?

You should always wear your life jacket - if the boat tips over you might hit your head and be unconscious and a life jacket will keep you from sinking and drowning.

How old you have to be to wear a life jacket?

I think it is over ten years of age.

What age children are required to wear a life jacket in Texas?

14 and below.

What age is when you can stop wearing a helmet?

You always have to wear a helmet to protect your head.

When should a boy stop wearing briefs?

When he decides to stop. There is no age limit to briefs. And there is no requirement to wear boxers.

How can you tell the correct size on a child's life jacket?

One can tell the correct size of a child's life jacket by reading the label. Life jackets are sized by the age of the child and the standard heights and weights of children within that age range, be it a girl or a boy.

In pennsylvania what id the age to stop wearing a helmet?

21 for motorcycles and 12 for bicycles.

what age do you have to be for a choker?

no age, you can wear it if you want despite your age, no one can stop you from wearing it(unless your like 1-3 years old-)

How old do you have to be to ride a snowmobile without a helmet?

There is never an age to stop wearing a helment. they can save a persons life and not wearing one could do dammage. so i believe that you should wear a helment if your 78 of just 6...:p

At what age should a women stop wearing tight jeans?

never. as long as she looks good in them...

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