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It is clear from archaeological evidence that the switch from hunter-gatherer to agrarian lifestyle significantly changed the ways in which humans lived. Agrarian societies made tremendous strides in technology and social thinking. The stage was set for further advancement in human culture.

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Determine the fundamental period of the signal xt2cos 10t 1sin4t1?

Fundemental Period of building moving forward and backward

How should you balance tradition and technology?

it will be difficult to balance, tradion is more backward and technology is more forward, tradition can help to limit some technology danger and misuse.

Why is India so backward in technology?

Maybe they just kept their traditions over the years and have kept things the way they were years ago.

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How does Hitler justify the invasion of the USSR to the German people?

An attack on communism, and on the inferior Slav people, with the certainty of winning against a backward country with inferior technology.

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Has rapid adoption of technology been a positive for all people?

Rapid adoption of technology has benefited man in the field of agriculture, medicine, education, etc., Technology has made things accessible, efficient and advanced for all people in the society. But self-reliance has decreased. It's high cost factor has made it unreachable for the socially backward.

Why Pakistan going backward?

Pakistan is going backward due to corrupt leadership .

What are the eurocentric views of African societies according to social science?

primitive, savagery. barbarica and uncivilised. eurocentric views defined africa as far backward and uncultured. at acertain point they wanted to fulfill oppresion and control africans as 'superior' demigods

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