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Alabama famous people?

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Some famous people from Alabama include Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, and Hank Aaron. Courtney Cox, Mia Hamm, and Gucci Mane are also Alabama natives.

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Who is a famous graduate of the University of Alabama?

There are several famous people to graduate from the University of Alabama. A few famous people from there are Sela Ward, Larry Darby, and Jim Nabors.

What is Alabama famous for?

Alabama is famous for the Space and Rocket Center. People come from all over the world to visit it!

Why do people travel to Alabama?

People travel to Alabama to enjoy the famous southern hospitality. Or just to visit relatives (if they have relatives in Alabama).

Famous people in Alabama?

yea the star honno montoya was a native of alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the two famous people of Alabama?

Bear Bryant and George Wallace are two such famous people.

Who are some famous people born in Alabama?

There has been many famous people over the years to be born in Alabama. A few of the people are Channing Tatum, Courtney Cox, and Charles Barkley.

Who are the most famous people of alabaama?

coach Bear Bryant was the most famous person of Alabama

Who are some famous people in Alabama and how did they become famous?

Hannah Montana and snow whiite and the 7 dwarfs :)

Who are some famous people from Alabama?

A short list of famous people from Alabama would include singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, and singers Nat King Cole and Lionel Richie. Actresses from Alabama include Kim Dickens, Ashley Crow, and Brett Butler.

Famous people from Alabama?

Hank Aaron and Willie Mays are sports figures from Alabama. Emmy Lou Harris and Nat "King" Cole are some musicians from Alabama.

What are some names of famous people people that last name start with v and was born in Alabama?

von braun

Who are famous people from Alabama that lived during world war 2?

flo rida and lil wayne

Who was famous and lived in Alabama?

people such as Dr. martin Luther king Jr. lived in Alabama. also Rosa Parks (actually MLK lived in Atlanta, GA)

How do people in Alabama make money?

how people in Alabama

What are people from Alabama Called?

People from Alabama are called Alabamians

Did people in Alabama burn black people?

The kk do,not Alabama.

Who are some famous people that went to you u of a?

U of A?? Which one? There are lots of U of A..Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Alberta....

How could one purchase tickets to see the famous band Alabama?

To get Alabama tickets one could visit the website of Stubhub. People sell and buy Alabama tickets over there as well as tickets for other concerts for a reasonable price.

About how many people live in Alabama?

About 4,661,900 people live in Alabama.

How many people lived in Alabama in 2010?

4,779,736 people lived at Alabama

What are the cultural influences in Alabama?

Alabama people bang their sisters.

Who settled in Alabama?

people people

When did people first come to Alabama?

Native Americans lived in Alabama before people from Europe did.

How do people speak in Alabama?

The people of Alabama for the most part speak English, with a southern accent.

Does Alabama has more or less then 100000 people?

Alabama has considerably more than 100,000 people. In 2006, Alabama had an estimated 4,599,030 people and the 2000 US Census recorded 4,447,100 residents.

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