Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button?

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Alfred Hitchcock was born with a bellybutton but after surgery in an operation when they sewed his stomach up it was removed.
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Who was Alfred Hitchcock?

Alfred Hitchcock was a British Film director especially popular inthe 1940s through 1970s, but also still popular today. He is mostfamous for his suspense movies "Psycho" and

Did Alfred Hitchcock have a belly button?

Alfred Hitchcock was indeed born with a belly button. In one of themany surgeries he had during his lifetime, the skin was stretchedover his stomach where his belly button was

What makes an Alfred Hitchcock film an Alfred Hitchcock film?

He makes a brief appearance in all his films! The movies talk aboutdanger in safe places like movie theaters, Statue of Liberty, MountRushmore. He had charming, attractive mur

In the Alfred Hitchcock film Lifeboat where does Alfred Hitchcock appear?

He appeared - in one way or another - in thirty seven of his films. In 'Lifeboat' he appears in an advertisement in a newspaper being read by a character. Hitchcock's profil

Alfred Hitchcock How is it possible that he had no belly button?

Alfred Hitchcock was indeed born with a belly button. However, he had abdominal surgery later in his life, and skin was stretched over the area where his belly button was. Upo

Did Alfred Hitchcock make ghost?

Alfred Hitchcock died April 29, 1980. "Ghost" was made in 1990. It was directed by Jerry Zucker.

What nationality is Alfred Hitchcock?

Alfred Hitchcock was born a subject of the United Kingdom, and became a citizen of the United States in 1956. Take your pick.
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What is Alfred Hitchcock phoiaes are?

According to his IMDB bio, Hitchcock had a phobia about the police, driving a car (he never learned to do so), and eggs.
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Why did Alfred Hitchcock do thiller movies?

When asked, he replied (something like), "People like to be scared." When he did a silly, romantic comedy (_Mr and Mrs Smith_), the public yawned.
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Was Alfred Hitchcock easy to get along with?

Hitchcock had a wicked sense of humor, and would sometimes play jokes on co-workers that were more cruel than funny. He was also famous for staying home with his wife (who, by
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Did Alfred Hitchcock not have a belly button?

It is really unknown. But some sources say that he had many abdominal surgeries over the years that he no longer had one later in his life.