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Congress is currently in the 111th session.

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All meetings of congress are identified by a number what number is currently in session?


What is a session of congress?

Each year, the Congress has two sessions unless the president calls a special session of Congress. Every two years, a new meeting of Congress assumes office. Currently (December 2, 2010) the second session in 2010 of the meeting of the 111th Congress is conducting business. In January 2011, the first session of the <newly-elected> meeting of the 112th Congress will begin.

When can the president call a meeting of congress?

Th president can call Congress to a special session whenever they are not in session.

Which session of Congress is in session?

The first session in 2011 of the meeting of the 112th Congress. Congress has two session each year unless the president calls Congress into an additional special session. Every two years, new members are elected in November and a new meeting of those elected takes office the following January. Elections for the 112th Congress were held in November 2010 and the first meeting of the 112th Congress began in January 2011.

What is a meeting of both houses of Congress?

Joint session

What term and session is the congress currently in?

111th Congress, 1st Session (top righthand corner of

What is a bicameral session?

it is a meeting of both houses of Congress -R.S.-

What is it called when a meeting of congress called by the president outside of normal meeting times?

Special session

Members of both houses of congress meeting together?

joint session

What is a special session in congress?

It is a meeting to deal with some emergency situation.

What number is currently being used in session in congress meetings?


Can a representative member be arrested for civil crimes while they are meeting at the house?

Members of Congress are immune from arrest while Congress is in session.

Why cant Congressman being arrested for speeding while congress is in session?

QUESTION: A member of Congress cannot be arrested for speeding while going to a meeting of Congress... ANSWER: True

On what day must the Congress meet?

The Congress must meet on January 3 of each year to organize. After that they set their own meeting times. The President has the power to call special session of Congress if they are not in session already and something important comes up.

What city held the last meeting of the continental congress in 1789?

The tenth and final session of the Continental Congress was held in New York City. The session ran from November 3, 1788 until March 2, 1789.

Distinguish between a regular session of congress and a special session of congress?

By determining when the session ends.

How does a special session differ from a regular session of congress?

A special session of Congress is called in the event of an emergency, whereas Congress would normally only have one session a year.

What is an unscheduled session of the US Congress called?

When an unscheduled session of the US Congress is called by the president, it is a special session.

A period of work in congress?

session session

Woodrow Wilson wrote that Congress in session is Congress on exhibition whilst Congress in its is Congress at work?

Congress in session is Congress on exhibition, whilst Congress in its committee rooms is Congress at work

Where was the congress session held in 1927?


Where was the third session of Indian national congress held?

the third session of congress was held at chennai

What is it called when Congress meets?

Congress is in session.

What would you call a session when the president calls congress to meet outside its usual time?

Such would be a special session or perhaps a called session of Congress.

What does adjorn mean?

To adjourn means to break from meeting or session. Congress generally meets the first Monday in December and will adjourn before the new year.

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