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All rectangles are rhombus?


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No. Only some rectangles are - when they are squares.


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No rectangles are rhombuses, so the answer is all rectangles.

Most rectangles are not rhombuses, but there is a shape that has all the properties of a rectangle and all the properties of a rhombus at the same time. It is called a square. A square is a special rectangle and a special rhombus.

A rectangle is not a rhombus.

No, they are NEVER rectangles.

True all rectangles and rhombus are paralograms

the three special quadrilaterals that can be a parallelogram are a rectangle, a square, and a rhombus Actually, this is incorrect. All squares are rectangles. All rectangles are parallelograms. Therefore all squares are parallelograms. But not all parallelograms are rectangles. And not all rectangles are squares.

No. A rectangle has all angles equal to 90o; a rhombus has opposite angles equal but they do not need to be 90o; thus all rhombuses are not rectangles. All rectangles have four equal angles and opposite sides of equal length, all four sides need not be the same length; a rhombus has all 4 sides of equal length; thus all rectangles are not rhombuses either.

no rectangles dont have 4 congruent side, otherwise it would be a square or a rhombus.

Rhombus. Rectangles and squares all have angles measuring 90 degrees.

The opposite sides of rectangles are the same length and parallel, and the angles are all right. All four sides of a rhombus must all be the same length and parallel, but the angles need not be right. Squares are both rectangles and rhombuses, but no other figure is both a rectangle and a rhombus. In other words, the union of the set of rhombuses with the set of rectangles is the set of squares.

No, a rhombus is a parallelogram with all its sides of equal length. A square is a special kind of rhombus with all its vertex angles measuring 90°

Not all parallelograms are rectangles. A parallelogram is a shape with two parallel sides. Sometimes a parallelogram is a rhombus, trapezoid or a square.

No.Only if the angles of the rhombus are all 90o and if all the sides of the rectangle are the same length is a rhombus a rectangle.A square is rectangle with all sides equal in length.

All rectangles are parallelograms but a rhombus for example, is a parallelogram but not a rectangle.

rectangles,rhombus,and a square

parallelograms, rectangles, rhombus, square

Yes, otherwise it would be a different shape such as a rhombus or trapezium.

squares rectangles Parallelograms Kites Rhombus a shoe box!

No. The adjacent side of a rhombus are always equal. In a rectangle (which is not a square) they are never equal.

Sqaure hexagon rhombus scalene right triangle

Yes. A square is both a rhombus and a rectangle. A rectangles is a figure with four right angles, and all squares do indeed have four right angles. A rhombus has four equal sides, and all squares meet this requirement.

a rectangle has 4 right angles. A rhombus has four congruent sides. A square has four right angles and four congruent sides. All squares are rectangles because all rectangles have 4 right angles, and all squares have four right angles. But not all rectangles are squares because not all rectangles have congruent sides.

Yes! Since rhombuses are quadrilaterals that have four congruent sides, a square can be considered as a rhombus. And since rectangles are quadrilaterals which has four 90 degree angles, a square is also a rectangle. Thus a rhombus could be a rectangle.

All quadrilaterals have four angles including: squares rectangles rhombus trapezoids parallelograms

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