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All the deaths in Romeo and Juliet?

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  • Paris (Juliet's suitor)
  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • Lady Montegue (Romeo's mom)
  • Tybalt (Juliet's cousin)
  • Mercutio (Romeo's friend/cousin?)

P.S. hope i got all of them for you!

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The deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

They commit suicide, Juliet with a knife and Romeo with poison.

The grief both the families have after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

the deaths of romeo and juliet; these two "star-crossed lovers."

Romeo Montague is from Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. He falls in love with Juliet which leads to both of their deaths.

Soo Far: Mercutio Tybalt Romeo Juliet Correction: Mercutio Tybalt Paris Romeo Juliet Lady Montague

Romeo thaught Juliet had actually killed herself, so he toomk his own life with poisin, and Juliet woke up, and killed hersdelf know that romeo had died, if that makes any sense at all

Romeo and Juliet are "a pair of star-crossed lovers . . . who, with their deaths, bury their parents' strife." We are told that before the play even starts.

Of course, Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy but there is one good thing that resulted from their suicides. That is, their deaths ended the hostility between the Capulets and the Monagues, their deaths "bury their parents' strife."

Their families will then become friends and everyone, (except Romeo and Juliet), will live happily ever after.

She doesn't have one. She and Romeo are both only children--this makes their deaths all the more crushing to their parents.

The turning point in the play "Romeo and Juliet" is when Romeo kills Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, and is banished from Verona. This sets in motion a plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet, which eventually ends in their deaths.

A series of disastrous events lead to Romeo and Juliet's deaths. Juliet died by stabbing herself after Romeo drank poison.

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy because they all die in the end, well Romeo and Juliet do.

Two: Romeo and Juliet. They left out the deaths of Paris and Mrs. Montague.

There are several feelings involved in the play Romeo and Juliet. There is hatred between the Capulets and the Montagues and love between Romeo and Juliet. There is also the feeling of loss at the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt. Finally there is the feeling of despair when Romeo is exiled, when he believes Juliet is dead and when Juliet wakes to find Romeo dead.

The prologue tells us so, doesn't it: "do with their deaths bury their parents' strife"? And indeed it appears that Montague and Capulet do reconcile at the end of the play. Montague offers to build a statue of Juliet, and Capulet responds by saying he will do the like for Romeo.

The prince investigates the deaths of Romeo and Juliet when he arrives at the tomb. He questions the Friar, the page boy and reads the note left by Romeo.

"Who, with their deaths, bury their parents' strife."

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