All the pa for Megaman 3 white?

Are the same for the entire Megaman Battlenetwork 3 games? No really they are. If you want specific chips and codes, no can do, since I like not having carpal tunnel. However, I will give you the names of the program advances, which should make tracking them down a bit easier. There are 32 of them, and they are: zeta cannon1, 2, 3, zeta yoyo1, 2, 3, zeta punch, zeta straight, zeta impact, zeta step1, 2, zeta variable, hyperburst, heatspread, bubblespread, lifesword, gelrain, timebom+, elementalsword, hyperrat, evercurse, 500barrier, bodyguard, poisonpharoah, evilcut, momquake, gutsshoot, bigheart, prixpower, deuxhero, 2xhero, masterstyle.