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How do you ski jump?

You go down a huge steep run and then jump. As you jump you put the skis in a v shape and then land.

How much do ski jumping skis weigh?

depends on the age but for nice skis id say about a half a kilo each (thats just my estimation I've never weighed them so they might b more)

How do the athletes ski jump?

I think they have a ramp, and they push off. Then they spin or something. I've never really followed ski jumping.

How is ski jump length determined?

I think its in terms of distance but doesn't that depend on how fast the person goes? Ive heard people say that jumps are measured from the tip of the jump to the begining of
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How do you jump on skis?

Jumping on skis is one of the many joys of skiing. It can be done by beginners just hitting little bump or an expert doing inverted tricks on massive gap jumps. But basically