All time winning percentages by team in NCAA men's basketball?

The answer should be Kentucky, but I think Kansas is right there too. Remember this is all time winning percentage and some schools like UCLA and Duke with higher NCAA tournament percentages actually have significantly lower overall win percentages because of several years of .500 or below overall records. In the last 75 years, Kentucky has had maybe 2 losing seasons and the most 30+ wins seasons in college basketball during that time. Kansas too hasn't had too many stinkers if my memory serves me. Not definitive, but I think UK and KU are your best two answers. ----------------------- Through the 2007-08 season: 1. Kentucky - .760 (1,966-621) 2. North Carolina - .736 (1,950-699) 3. UNLV - .713 (1,037-418) 4. Kansas - .712 (1,943-785) 5. UCLA - .697 (1,646-717)