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Q: Almost all of earths carbon dioxide is found in which layer of the atmosphere?
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Where is the most of the earths carbon located?

In the atmosphere, in the form of carbon dioxide

What is the atmosphere like in mars comparedd to earths?

mars has very thin atmosphere made mostly out of Carbon dioxide(about 95%) and almost no Oxygen (0.2%)

How can carbon dioxide be removed from the earths atmosphere?

More green plants!

How did earths atmosphere change?

Earths atmosphere has changed in a few ways. It contains more pollutants and carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.

What gas was not found in earths early atmosphere but was produced by photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide

What was most abundant gas in the earths first atmosphere?

This gas was carbon dioxide.

What happened to most of the carbon dioxide in the earths early atmosphere?

it dissolved into the ocean

What is the current atmosphere of Earth believed to be?

Earths atmosphere is made up mostly of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

What will happen if you have more carbon dioxide in earths atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. More of it in the earth's atmosphere means that more heat will be retained. This will, indeed is, causing global warming.

What is the earths atomsphere?

the earth atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide and oxygen and some helium.

What are the 4 major components of the earths atmosphere?

Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Water Vapor

Where is the most of the Earth's carbon located and in what form?

A majority of the earths carbon is located in the ocean.