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Also how accurate would it be to use a preg test that is a 1?

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If a pregnancy test is positive while you're on your period how accurate can it be?

I would think so b/c preg. test are rarely wrong you should see your gyno.

Can you have your period two months in a row and be preg but month two was really light and you also have neg preg test?


Can a preg test 2 days after sex show any meaningful result due to come on on the 17th had sex on the 18th preg test showed pos 2 days later?

no because your body doesnt know that your pregnant a weak and a half to two weaks after you have had sex. therefor, how would a pregnancy test show accurate results this early?

Can the laboratory test show 4week pregnancy?

Yes, especially if they do a blood test. As soon as you become pregnant, "preg factor" hormone appears in the blood. A blood laboratory test is very accurate, because they are looking for that hormone. A urine test works on the same concept; reacting to preg factor hormone in the urine; a blood test can look for lower levels of the hormone.

Can you detect speed in a blood test?

speed as in da drug? it would only come up if they were looking for it in a drug screen test not a preg test.

Can you preg test a sheep?

Yes by ultrasound.

What is spot urine sample?

preg test

Where can I find an accurate typing speed test? offers an accurate typing speed test. You can also find this test at

If you are about 2 or more months pregnant without knowing would a pregnancy test be more accurate?

Yes, a test would be accurate

Can you be pregnant if you had 4 neg home preg tests and 1 doctor that said you are not pregnant based on a blood and urine test and one doctor that said inconclusive based on a urine test?

As you had a blood test, you are definitely not pregnant. The blood test is 100% accurate.

I have irregular periods but my last too were on the 7th of each month its now the 16th and i still have no period i have done 2 preg test both negative i had unprotected sex once could i be preg?

If you took a home pregnancy test then YES you could still be pregnant. Home pregnancy test are sometimes not as accurate as a doctors test. If it was a blood test or urine test given by your doctor then the chances are low but you better check again with your doctor to be sure.

Missed period severe abdominal pain have did pregnancy test negative went to docs and hospital did swab tests negative did preg tests also neg did blood test and preg hormone showing but v low preg?

Hi i have had this exact same symptoms as you and the same tests have all been negative including the blood preg test!! but if you blood test showed v low hormone the your probably going to have a misscarraige i have had 6 misscarraiges and the blood test were all very low! but did the doctor not tell you if it was high enough to still be pregnant? if i was you i would request an ultrasound and see if there is anything in your womb.hope this helped and hope you turn out 2 be ok!

If you are having a phantom pregnancy will a test come up positive?

No Preg test are only looking for a hormone called HCG which is only present if you are preg or recently miscarried.

Is there an accurate pregnancy test to take when on your period?

any pregnancy test would be accurate. Your period does not change the results of a pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty

What if i had a miscarriage then a scan when i would have been 6 weeks there was nothing there at all preg tests are negative but still 6 wks later feeling preg and putting on lots of weight?

Take another test

My breast still hurt two weeks after my period what does this mean?

you might be pregnant i would take a preg test or go to the doctors for a blood test to comfirm your answer

How much is a preg test?

Anywhere from a dollar to 21 dollars.

Can a home pregnancy test be used more than once if its neg and i use it a couple days later would it show a positive if i was preg?

No you can not use the same test!

Possible implantation bleeding 7 days ago for 2 days Preg test was neg today would that be accurate or does it take longer for hcg levels to show?

HCG levels begin building around 8 days past ovulation. For accurate results, it is best to wait until the day after you have missed your period.

Why as a pregnancy test showed positive then not?

this same thing happened to me... this morning i had a negative preg. test - but yesterday i had a positive... not sure- but feel pregnant- i have an 8 mo. old- and i feel like i did when i was preg. with him...

What kind of test produces more accurate results than the ELISA test when testing for HIV?

There is only one test that can give the accurate results for HIV. The only test that can do this would be the Elisa test.

I had a baby 7 mos ago I have irreg periods now and am trying to get preg I had intercourse during what I thought was my fertile period preg test came back neg Can I be preg with a neg test?

you could have tested too soon if you don't know when your period is due its recommended to wait 19 days after sex before you test.

Will taking antibiotics make you skip a period?

yes it could, but it also can interfere with birth control working correctly you should get a preg. test.

Im about 4 days late but you have no pms or pregnancy symptoms n a neg preg test should you wait for period or take another test?

Wait a few more days and test again! Good luck! It depends on how important it is for you to know the answer. If you had a serum pregnancy test, they are 100% accurate. It also depends on if you are still having sex and if you are or are not on birth control. Also it depends on what your intentions are in regards to the pregnancy. If your test is negative and you have no nausea or breast tenderness thenyou probably are not pregnant.

Can making yourself pee effect preg test before your actually suppose to have your period?

No that will not affect your results. It is also possible to test positive for pregnancy before your first period is missed.

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